What should you do when you no longer see meaning in life?

I myself sometimes see no sense in life.

During depressive phases, everything seems grey and pointless to me.My depressive phases are short but severe.

How do I get out of these phases?
How do I see meaning in life again?

Most of the time I fight for a few days with myself and my thoughts.
I sleep more, I try to meditate more often, try to eat better, try to do more exercise.

During these phases, the experiment remains.

I am sick.

Depression is a disease. Unfortunately, this is still not seen by the general public.

It is extremely important that you recognize and accept depression as a disease.

It is not aweakness, but a disease.

Some have diabetes from birth, some have a heart defect from birth – and some have genes that promote depression.

If you don’t see any sense in life because of depression:

  • Drift sport,
  • adjust your diet,
  • pay attention to your sleeping habits,
  • Meditate
  • switch off in nature,
  • read your favorite book,
  • watch your favorite movie.
  • Turn to family and friends,
  • and, at best, to a psychologist.
  • Fights!

(Everything I advise you and which i find very difficult for me…
If you need someone to talk to, you can write to me!Sometimes it’s good to talk to someone who doesn’t know you but understands how you feel.)

In general I can recommend the page ifightdepression (homepage) to you!

And above all, you should know:

You are not alone!

If you don’t see any meaning in life because you don’t know what to do with your life, I’ll tell you this:

No one is born with this knowledge.

The world is noisy and life is fast.

Take your time to think.

I am helped by food for thought from philosophers and books dealing with the question of the meaning of life.

The following books helped me find meaning in life:

The more a person thought, the more beautiful and useful deeds he does, the longer he has lived.Frederick the Great

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