What should you do if your fear of death is so great that it keeps you from living in full?

This depends on how much that fear affects your life.My sister is afraid of dogs. Really very scared. But she rides, does groceries, has raised EECN child and has done everything that belongs to it, such as bringing school, holding holidays and what is not. What has greatly relieved her life is the alignment obligation that we now know in the Netherlands in the urban areas.

Death is not so easy to conquer.There is no line of duty for death.

If you fail to do things for fear of death, then you should try to make that fear manageable.A healthy fear of death belongs to the will to live that almost all living beings have in common.

There are things you can do on your own.One of them is to bring yourself into situations where death is a natural part of life. I would not immediately start working for a funeral centre or volunteer in a hospice, but volunteer in a hospital, or at an animal shelter is an option. Also the self-loving hamsters or other animals, brings you in a natural way in contact with death.

If that’s all too frightening for you right now and you feel limited in your life, then I’d seek professional help if I were you.Many people have fears that have their origins in an evolutionary advantage, such as the fear of death or for dogs, but which are an obstacle in a more extreme form.

I myself have found a solution to this that lies in the atmosphere of your move in situations that put you in contact with people who are dying.

Answer from Frans van Oostveen on what can I do to overcome my fear of death?

I do not understand fear of death properly.We have not been there indefinitely without it being a problem, we are now very few times, and then we are no longer there indefinitely. That’s basically all. There is nothing special about death.

But well, that may not help you ahead yet.If it prevents you from living fully, you may need to seek therapy that will ensure that this fear comes under control. She may not (completely) disappear, but she will no longer affect all your behaviour.

I had already given an answer in that style before.
I used to fear death as well.It stopped me regularly to sleep in.
But after a long thought about this phobia (45 years), I came to the observation that I had no fear of death but rather no sense of leaving life.And that is another point of approach. One that gave me more peace, because in order not to leave life, you have to embrace life to the fullest.
Why have fear of death?I experienced it before I was born; I know so.

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