What should never be done in Russia when it is normal elsewhere?

What should never be done in Russia when it is normal elsewhere?

It looks like I am the first real Russian to give an answer.

The question is quite abstract.What is “other”? Germany? Europe? The US? Africa? And is “never” really so critical, or is it only allowed to do something once as a tourist? So I only write what is “normal” in Western Europe or North America, for example.

I have read other answers.Many are simply stereotypes or even superstitions that look exactly as if Russians are smashing something about the US, like:

‘You can never pick an unknown woman because she’s perceived as sexual harassment.And yet if you don’t look at the same woman, it’s perceived as sexism/chauvinism.”

Now I say what was about right or.what one prefers not to do in Russia or if it is done, then at your own risk:

  • Gay relations (in s.

male) before all eyes: kissing, holding hands, etc. You are not necessarily attacked by force, and some people can say something. The reaction can be exactly the same as someone smoking on the bus or hospital.

  • Comment 1: You can embrace, but rather do “from the neighborhood” like the African-American, i.e. without sexual context.
  • Comment 2: Girls kiss each other quite often in public, even if they are simply fellow students – so, female homosexualism may be tolerated.
  • People smilingwith kindness ” – do not do when people are unknown and are hit by passing on the street.
  • Normally, the sanders will think that they look weird/stupid, but some may even perceive it as aggression.

    • You can smile at friends, colleagues, well-known people, especially at the meeting.
    • Man can smile at service employee/seller
  • Criticizing Putin – here it is important how and in which society one criticizes one.
  • Aggressive in a bar – then at your own risk.

    • Not everyone thinks Putin is a demigod.

    But it is believed to be the best choice. After the 2018 FIFA World Cup and new unexpected reforms, far fewer people believe in it.

  • just give a number of flowers – is really so. If you do this anyway, he risks creating a sad feeling instead of cheerfulness, because a straight number is only taken to the cemetery (e.g. funeral) or to the deceased.
  • What has not yet been said:

    • for men – do not give atmeeting the hand press.

    Even if others themselves do not do so, usually the one who arrives has to give his hand to press. Not necessarily those who are already there. No matter how many times a day and not only when you first get to know each other. Ignoring others can be perceived as unkindness; you can even say, “Did your hand pinch?”.

  • bring something edible to the party/event only for yourself – and take the rest back home.
  • come to the birthday without a gift.
  • congratulations to someone with “All the best for XYZ”.
  • Better nothing but that. -100 points on relationships. Who needs a friend who can’t think up a few sentences himself? On the contrary, one often writes one’s own verses!

  • for men – a woman suggest that one separates the bill in the restaurant.
  • Now a few false claims:

    • one should not be an atheist… no comments.

    Greetings from the USSR, hello?

  • one should not be pro-EU.
  • – what does it mean? Is “pro-EU” equal to “pro-gay” or “pro-migrant”? In Eastern Europe, “pro-EU” is usually understood as “pro-money subsidies” from the EU to the X-country. The problem of possible accession to NATO/EU is not in question in Russia! Nor do Russians see any threat from the EU side at all. If anyone likes the EU – please. There are many tourists from Russia in Europe. Already with this SChei… Exchange rate.

  • do not express their own opinion.
  • Hm, from Russia, the situation in Europe is exactly the same. All are for migrants; whoever says what against is a Nazi. Free own opinion. Really, if everyone thinks the same?

  • never, NEVER cancel an e-incharge to drink vodka!
  • – one says: “it is much easier to reject the first shot than the second”. If you immediately say that you do not drink, you can drink water or juice calmly. OK, maybe not so quiet, as it often happens that others still suggest “maybe two shots together…”.

    Honestly, I can’t imagine anything like that that’s what’s super-bad to do in Russia, which is normal “other than that.”Tell you if you know.

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