What should I do if I have noticed that my employer has paid me too much in recent months?

Sorry, but it is absolutely not true what is being answered earlier.There are 2 major errors.

  1. No entitlement to the new wage arises.

This is a so-called undue payment. Simply put: You have gotten something that you are not entitled to. I assume that your employer has just paid more than what you are entitled to on the basis of your contract.

  • Even if it’s the mistake of your employer, he can just correct it.
  • After all, you have gotten something that you are not entitled to, so that means you normally have to pay the excess paid. There may be circumstances under which you do not have to give the overpaid back, but in the end this is the judge who has to determine this.

    You can find more information here: know the rules for wage withholding and offsetthat is there, why he paid you too much.

    If he withheld too few premiums, I would report it very quickly, because otherwise you can get unpleasant surprises from the tax office.

    If he paid you too much salary based on a fixed working week, then this is legal if it has lasted a certain amount of time (you have to figure out for yourself how long) your new salary.He will have to pay you this salary in the future. That you are legally entitled to this salary, of course, does not want to say that it is conducive to your employment relationship to stand on this right.

    If he has paid you more hours, than you actually worked, this is actually also 芒 鈧?虄own debt, thick bult芒 鈧劉, and he cannot correct it.Even here, even if it is your employer’s mistake, it is not always wise to stand up to your rights too.

    My personal advice would be to seek legal advice first, then start talking to your employer and point out to you and his rights.To propose a mutually acceptable settlement. At least if you want to keep working in the same company long and enjoyable.

    If you had already sat the job, make that appointment, do not propose a settlement, but hope for a riot premium.

    Simple, honest.

    It is a blessing to honestly indicate that too much has been paid out.And then let the employer decide what to do with it. Then secretly keep it and wait and see. I myself have not always been honest either. So I have no right of speaking. But my opinion is don’t do the same as I have done.

    You will find that honesty is rewarded.In any way.

    Be honest: Tell your employer that you appreciate that he finally pays your work correctly, but that this is not the amount you receive according to your contract:-)

    It depends on whether you are a Fleming or a Dutchman.

    That no one is asking for serious doubts about the validity of the answers below and about the level of answering lawyers, LOL.

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