What should I cook on my first date?

Like everything in life: You can only do it wrong!

The question could be wrong, perhaps the question of the “OB” should be clarified first.How long have you known the woman (can it be that an acquaintance, then a friendship and then more has developed)? We are not aware of this. And if I don’t know someone, it’s very hard to cook them. Maybe she doesn’t like all this and finds it “unmanly” and expects something completely different?

But let’s say you invited her to dinner and told her you’re a good cook.Ok, then the frame is set correctly.Now I have to ask you, are you really a good cook?… You should only cook what you can.And right, –without it causing you stress!Because your stress will be noticed and it will be transmitted. So don’t experiment with foreign ingredients, cooking methods and exotic methods of preparation that you are not familiar with. These are the first entry requirements!

Do you know what she doesn’t like, doesn’t eat, likes or isallergic?These are the second entry requirement, If not, clarify it, you need to know that. Hammel, fish, seafood, game everywhere lurk traps when you approach unsuspectingly. Intolerances or dislikes… and the romantic evening is the devil. QUESTION AFTER!

To the procedure: No matter what you do, try to prepare as much as possible!Wash and divide the onion into small cubes, wash and divide the soup, cook the soup and leave in the pot, prepare dessert (something that holds up and does not melt). Cleaning vegetables and blanching. Put everything in bowls and cover with foil. As meat, I would also choose something that doesn’t have to be fried in the pan. So prepare all ingredients as much as possible.

If it suits you, and you’ve settled the open questions.Shout to the deed.

Something I recommend to chefs with less experience: an Italian evening and what you can prepare well:


with Crostini with avocado cream

Appetizer: Tomato soup with croutons (finish croutons, cook soup ready and keep warm on the stove.

Make the croutons in the pan or microwave just before serving and sprinkle….1 Add the basil leaf on top)

Main course: Osso Buco (Can you prepare completely and keep warm at 80 掳 in the oven) Needs to cook but very long in the oven

Tip: Just leave the Gremolada, not everyone likes it!

Dessert: Panna Cotta Caramello (make the day and store in the fridge covered with foils, toss to a plate for serving, pour caramel sauce over it with mint leaf decorate

and a good Barolo, I recommend the 2014

Good luck!

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