What should be said more often about happiness and being happy?

That you don’t just have to try for yourself to be happy.

Being happy is not something that is caused externally, but something you have largely owned (internally). If you decide to see the good, to be open to the unexpected, to be hopeful as a basic attitude… Then life looks very different.And the crazy thing is that our economy is running for a lot of people to buy happiness in parcels, sometimes on credit.

As I recently read on a poster:


Being happy is a state of being, being happy does not exist, you can only be it.So striving for happiness has totally no sense. You can only be it. Right away.

These are 13 surprising facts about happiness and are happy to be said more often.

Because do you know what makes you happy? And I’m not talking about a day or an hour full of luck.

But about real, lasting happiness.

Many people are stuck in the “grass is greener on the other side” syndrome.Do you think: “if only I would live somewhere else, if my children/partner would stop so much, and if only I could book that distant holiday I dream of, then I will be really happy“?

A wedding party, a prize, a pair of new shoes or a new car might make you happy, but that Joy is short -lived.If you’re looking for real happiness, you might be looking in the wrong place.

These thirteen impressive facts about happiness will surprise you in that case.

1.Happiness stems from a purposeful life

Living with a goal brings happiness. Once there was a prisoner who was instructed to run a crane every day to spray the plants in the garden outside.Every day he turned the lever. After many years he was released and wanted to see the plants he had given water. When he asked to see the garden, he was told that there were no plants. When he heard that, he collapsed and died.

2.Happiness is a lifelong pursuit

Prizes, achievements and celebrations are temporary moments of happiness.But enduring happiness is a never ending endeavor. Live every day as happy as you can. Because a day you lose to Misery is gonefor good.

3.Find the right thing in everything

Alice Herz-Sommer was a Holocaust survivor who lived for 108 years.When asked how she could be happy after so much tragedy, she said, “I’m looking for the good.I know it’s bad there, but I’m looking for the good. “

4.Happiness is a habit

Develop an attitude of happiness throughout the day.In his book happier , Tal Ben-Shahar says that happiness is a ritual that must be created, identified and maintained.If you stick to it, you will have a new habit after 30 days.

According to Charles Duhigg, the award-winning author of Power of habit, there is a three-step neurologic process that creates a habit.”Choose a trigger (Put your jogging shoes at the door), then choose a reward (a piece of chocolate food); When you seeyour jogging shoes, your brain begins to cray the chocolate, making it easier to train as a routine actdaily “.


Happy people are successful

Most people think that success makes you happy , but according to Sonja Lyubomirsky, author of The Make-up of happiness, creates happiness success.Happy people are confident, optimistic, energetic and social. “They are more likely to have satisfactory marriages and relationships, high incomes, superior work performance, community involvement, robust health and even a long life.

6.‘ Pay it Forward ‘

If you buy a coffee and you also pay one for the unknown person behind you, then your happiness will take longer than if you buy one for yourself.A study in Psychological Science shows how positive emotions emerge from social interactions. Even if you are simply witnessing an act of kindness, this can create a peak experience, a “thankful to life” feeling, according to psychologist and researcher Abraham Maslow.


Smiling sends signals from emotional well-being to the brain,” says Ron Gutman In his TED talk.He explains that a smile is good for your health. Smiling can even prolong your life span. Smiling lowers the stress hormones and blood pressure. And also surprising: smiling stimulates the feel-good areas in your brain even more than chocolate and money.

9.Happiness is contagious

We are all connected; What we feel has an influence on the people we meet.See what happens when you smile at someone you pass on the street. If you make eye contact, the other will probably smile back. You have just brought positive energy to another. New research from Harvard Medical School and the University of California (San Diego) suggests that happiness is influenced by people you know and by the people they know.Happiness is so contagious that we can even absorb it through social networks. Grief is also contagious, so be careful who you are friends with on Facebook.

10.Physical activity and pets make happy

Physical activity can induce an endorphin-based high.The Mayo Clinic reports seven health benefits of regular exercise: Weight control, combating health problems and diseases, improved mood, more energy, better sleep, enhanced intimacy, and it’s just fine.

If you have a dog , you know how beloved you feel when your dog jumps out of joy when he sees you, but there is also medical proof that your dog is good for your health.Dogs keep your company, force you to walk, and lower your blood pressure. Even if you look at your cat curled around your computer, you can reduce your chance of heart attack, lower your anxiety and improve your mood.Researcher James E. Gern, M.D., states in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology that children who grow up around animals have a stronger immune system .


Satisfaction at work makes you happy

Does your work make sense or do you just have to pay the bills?Tal-Ben-Shahar, Harvard professor and author, states that when your work is purposeful, it can also be satisfactory in routine jobs.Find something sensible in everyday tasks. Or take a look at your work and career with a career coach.

12.Money makes up/not happy

Money makes you happy but only to about 65,000 euros per year according to research by Princeton professors Daniel Kahneman and Angus Deaton.Above that amount it all depends on how you definehappiness.

In describing the overall satisfaction with life, money continues to increasethe happiness level.But when happiness is defined as the satisfaction of everyday life, happiness does not increase with more money.

The bottom line: Having enough money for your needs ensures a generally happy life, but does not affect your daily happiness levels.

Bonus.Happiness gets better as you age

The fact is: the older you get, the happier you become.In Perspective on Psychological Science, researchers discovered that older people are remembering the good times more than the sadder times. Seniors are also looking for situations that improve their mood.

Happy people live longer.A study at the Albert Einstein Institute for Aging Research showed that the 243 centenarians who participated had a positive attitude towards life. It suggested: “they were optimistic and easy to deal with.

Source: Self-Confidence Coach | Career Guidance | Life Coach | John Abbas

It’s different for everyone.

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