What sentence did a child who really impressed you say to you?

When it was time to mow the lawn again, I took the mower out of the garage, filled the gasoline, etc.Then I noticed the little, straw-blonde neighbor boy. He stood on the fence and watched me with interest.

“What are you doing?” he asked drollly.

“I have to mow the lawn now,” I replied.


“Because the meadow looks ugly, and we don’t want that, do we?”

“May I help you?”

At the moment I didn’t know what to answer, because I actually wanted to finish quickly.But the little one looked so heartbreaking that I agreed.

“But you have to ask your mom first.”

You couldn’t see how the boy was in the house with his mother.

In the meantime, I started mowing.But it didn’t take long for the boy and his mother to come to me in the garden. Of course, he had brought his tractor for pedaling and trailer with him.

She said she was just cooking, and if Tom could stay with me for so long.

“OK,” I said.”I’m already making sure that nothing happens.

Of course, I knew that everything would take much longer.but… what’s the point?

You can’t believe the joy this four-year-old Tom has now developed.He helped me empty the grass container by stopping the sack. Drive around the garden excitedly with his tractor, and showed me various tricks while climbing on the apple trees.

Of course, I applauded and praised him.

Then he began to look for something in the meadow that had not yet been mowed.It wasn’t long before he approached me with a daisy in his hand and stretched it out to me with a beaming smile. “For you,” he said.

“For me?” I asked incredulously.”But that’s a surprise – thank you very much!”

Of course, I immediately put the flower in a buttonhole.”So – am I more beautiful now than before?”

“Yes!Much nicer.”

I had to capitulate to so much honesty, and laughed loudly.Little Tom also laughed along.

It went on for quite a while, and I’ve never had that fun mowing the lawn.

When we finally finished, I wanted to reward the little one and fetched a bar of chocolate from the house.

“So Tom,” I said, “because you were so diligent, and so good, you get a reward now.”

But Tom’s mine darkened.”Mom said I can’t take anything!”

“Yes, yes,” I comforted.”You know, for every job that has been done, there has to be a good reward. And we can ask your mom together, OK?”

So I finally brought him home.You can’t imagine how he wore the chocolate – stretched out in front of him as if it were made of pure gold.

Of course, the boy was allowed to keep his reward, and he was very proud of it.He waved to me,

when I went home

So it happened that I found a new friend.Little Tom from the neighboring house.

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