What role does spirituality play in your daily life?


I am as earthly as it can be.There is nothing supernatural, there is nothing outside of this earthly. I am absolutely not spiritual.

I like to think very much, and of Philoeren, but everything within the earthly.

I do not know.I think life is a dream that I do not understand. How to live?

I do try to accept everything I do along as it is. To live consciously.I think everything is also miraculous. Existence and life and my own are. Techniques I use are mostly psychological. Its knowledge comes, in addition to its own experience, especially from the Internet.

That it is useful to be thankful and convenient to forgive.

I also do pray and swearing, if it suits me.I do not believe that there is a God, but that people are faithful. The one more than the other. I also like to think about that.

It depends on what you know under spirituality.The answers show that most people under spirituality understand what is called above of course, with God of doing and is not associated with rationality.

For me, spirituality is what the word says, namely the definition according to Wikipedia: Spirituality has in the broadest sense to do with things that concern the spirit (Latin spiritus).The word is used in many ways and may have to do with religion or supernatural powers, but the emphasis is on the personal inner experience.

So spirituality is best described as a personal inner experience.Then the question is: “What role does your personal inner experience play in your daily life?” Suddenly less esoteric.

That raises a second question: “How do I rate my personal inner experience?” That depends on your spiritual ability to give judgment on your own spiritual activity.How much are you aware of the thoughts you have, what thoughts prevail and what makes that determined?

The deep corners of the human mind are often incomprehensible and in psychology almost 90% of mental activity is considered unconscious.So there is little or no judgement about it. Read the booklet “The Smart Unconscious” of Ap Dijksterhuis, which qualifies the human mind as a poorly working computer.

In contrast, a mountain of literature about spirituality, which originates from “New age” thinking, or who is worsted is the Bible, the Koran, or the Bhagavat Gita and in the readings and reports of “Enlightened Masters”

My personal spirituality or personal inner experience is based on over 40 years of transcendent meditation (TM) experience.That is pure consciousness technology, whereby by the practice of TM, the ability of the mind is developed by making contact 2x per day with the source of thought, the level of consciousness that lies at the basis of all mental activity. Pure silence without any kind of thought, while there is a high level of alertness (wakefulness) present.

From that experience, (transcendental) spirituality plays a leading role in my life.It makes me much more conscious, therefore better able to set up my life and at the same time make my creativity and intelligence grow. And that brings forth all sorts of exciting unexpected twists in life, but I usually experience that as pleasant and fitting to my life. Sometimes it takes some getting used to a new situation. But the experience of transcendent spirituality is and remains the guiding force. My ego, mind and intellect are mainly the performers of what initiates my inner base, purely transcendent consciousness, as leadership. That makes life a lot easier and simpler and therefore it is much simpler to enjoy life. And if there is a bump, it will usually be smoothed or disappeared after the next meditation.

Certainly once a year I buy a bowl of truffles.

I only need a quarter of that.Usually enjoying a beautiful sunset and with music on it, would like to try a ‘ guided ‘ trip but don’t know anyone I trust in it. Is long term, once a year is enough.

Psychedelics as a tool for growth and spirituality

For creativity I take half a gram of the most popular weed.Once every two months, however, a microdose in an atomizer. Then I’m going to ‘ surf ‘ with my ideas or obstacles. Youtube and search engines.

What comes to my way I write up, it gives me solutions, unhindered by the delusion of the day.

A very large role.

Since a number of years I know the law of attraction.Read on here and it will amaze you how interesting and fun life can be!

No.But I do believe there is more. Some things are so coincidental, that it’s just not a coincidence.

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