What proverbs do you attack? Why?

The attack is the best defense: Excuse War.

Fear is a bad counselor: until you feel correct once that someone is not confident, decides to suppress it (you are not a Hypochonder/author) and then death is found in a ditch.There is a reason that you feel like Spreeds, try to appoint this and justify yourself and don’t just ignore it.

The costs go for the benefit: this is actually the excuse to do nothing about climate change.It doesn’t matter that we cause a mass extinction Event, it just takes too much money to do something about it.

A cruciate is also bread: (like the saying of Mr Mertens) this is such a saying that is used by people who have better against people who have (too) little to appreciate the little bit.Reminds me of the world strange ‘ quote ‘ by Marie Antoinette about cake. A crumble is not enough.

Honesty takes the longest: works often, but giving your sincere opinion on clothing when asked is often not appreciated (I speak from experience).In addition, politicians lie daily, but once they admit that they must leave. They are rewarded for lies and half-truths, once someone has acknowledged this, it is off.

Conviviality has no time: personal frustration with student culture.With this excuse, watches and mobiles are picked up in socials, because it’s not about time but about conviviality. I want to know what time it is, because I want to drink myself a minimum number of times and once I have fulfilled my obligation to go home. When you take off my watch, I only go home before, because I’m tired, my watch keeps me there. (I have therefore not joined an association that had such a rule)

Speaking is silver, silence is gold: Yes, this will be your boss so that he/she can easily walk over you and so you never ask for pay rise.If you do not pick up your mouth, you will be ignored. If you do not come up for yourself, you will be ignored. This is bad advice in more cases than it is good advice.

But stopped on 1/3 of the list of sayings.There were too many I have problems with.

The answer I want to give to this question does not qualify quite as a proverb.Nevertheless, it is popularly a very popular statement. It is a very good reflection of the Dutch village mentality. This ruling is also imbued with ambitious, passivated provincial bruising.

Just do it, you’re already crazy enough.

This ruling is often done when an individual has certain ambitions out.To remind this person of his ‘ village ‘ ancestry, this ruling is often made. This ruling should remind the individual concerned that he is merely a villager and that this is only for ‘ The High Lords in The Hague ‘ (by way of Spreke). Why should the ambitions of others be discouraged? That you have never kicked it further than your village of birth does not mean that it is not for others.

Also, this ruling is done when an individual is doing very best with something.In this way, this ruling will discourage people from doing their best. People who have a passion must be encouraged to do their best for that passion. They must be encouraged to lay their souls and salvation in that passion. They must be encouraged to become very good in terms of this passion. When one demonstrates such a passion, there is no greater sin than to discourage this person from making his dreams come true.

This statement is then translated to:

Don’t do too much your best.

To make this life worthwhile, it is important that you do best, in which you simply have to do your best, because otherwise you will be killed from hunger.Much more importantly it is that you do your best where your passions lie. To have a passion and to excel in it is one of the most beautiful things that this earthly life has to offer. This should be encouraged in particular. This ruling is therefore the exact opposite for everything I stand for.

“The World is everyone”-keep up with that nonsense anyway.Would be better “everyone deserves a piece of the world.” That place where you can be very undisturbed yourself, without interference from those who believe that the world is of all.

I could give a number of them (for example, “Whosoever does not repent is not great”,…) who all try to do the same, namely keeping the small individual small; “Content with what one has”.In history, it is not the small mass that has played a role (contrary to what many left-wing historians have tried to assert in recent decades), but only those who have deliberately worked upwards. Not that this was always positive for the rest of the world (e.g. Stalin, Hitler,…) But they were individuals who looked beyond ‘ the small ‘.

Oscar Wilde said it beautifully: “We’re all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars”.

Proverbs are very context-bound and created in a particular situation.

It really amazes me that so many people are negative about proverbs with or yet another legitimate reason, nine out of ten is no longer usable today.But that is exactly what proverbs are, timephased spells that were relevant at the time and now possibly no longer, unless you turn them into your head again to something that is relevant today.

To be able to do that, you obviously have to know where the clapper hangs;)

The proverb “does not benefit, does not harm” strikes me.

Because it just isn’t right.

Something that does not benefit can be indeed harmful.

I wonder my Gregor because the sheep is the Preut.”

What does it have to do with stopping there because you are too tired?That is what you should explain to me to put a heart under the belt

I wouldn’t be able to say better than Danny Mertens down here (or above…)

The exception confirms the rule.

Complete Nonsense: The exception deters the rule, contradicts the rule.

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