What project management tools are currently available in the cloud?

There are numerous tools in project management that can be used to secure the organizational process in chaotic times.

Although high-quality project management software can also be purchased and used expensively, we want to present here some free solutions that you can either simply install or just insert as spreadsheets into your spreadsheet. to be able to.Convince yourself of a suitable variant…

Project Management Software Bitrix24

Whether MS-Project, ERPs or Gantt Charts.All of these project management software tools enable better planning of tasks, resources, and personnel, so that tasks can be performed in time. If you also want to keep an eye on your customers, there is an excellent tool that also delivers this feature for free. Bitrix24 actually has everything the demanding user needs. You have the option to schedule personnel as well as to define communication channels and document sales. For small and medium-sized enterprises, this solution is one of the better applications on the market. You can log in and test via the corresponding link. Bitrix offers comprehensive video tutorials as project management software and can be used very easily and intiuitively. Absolutely recommended.

Bitrix24: Leading Free Platform for Communication and Collaboration with Tasks, Projects, CRM, Documents, Chat, etc.

Project Management Software Open ProJ

Also highly recommended as an offline version is the version of OpenProJ.This project management software is less comprehensive than resources and planning tools already some. Planning can be timed and processes and tasks can be assigned to people as well as assigned to specific persons. Successful planning is thus taking place. Lack of assignments and misunderstandings in scheduling is becoming rare. You can access the software via the following link. The advantage of the software is definitely the offline function. This allows you to plan your tasks without putting the results online. The link to the download can be found here:

OpenProject – online project management software – free and open source

Excel Gantt Chart Plugin

Excel offers a very simple version to plan processes with a simple plugin.Here, spreadsheets with chart links can also do things that make the project work better. However, a deeper link to other interfaces is to be criticized. This version is no longer suitable for small or medium-sized enterprises. However, the application is still sufficient for planning private tasks or for remembering the processing of small subtasks.


Trello uses the well-known Kanban approach to project management.In the sense of a product order, tasks can be listed on a wall by card and processed systematically. Kanban has great advantages in increasing productivity and enjoys the highest popularity, especially in production plants. Even if the Gantt function is missing in this project management software application, Trello offers the possibility to record individual project steps with an ingenious drag and drop method. They can also be updated continuously. Here you can get a free registration:



As a final test program, we want to introduce you to a G-Suite variant, which can also be tested as a trial.Kanbanchi also uses the Kanban method, as the name suggests. As a project management app, the function can also be used on the go at any time. While the big brother G-Suite comes with 300鈧?fees, Kanbanchi can be used for 120鈧?in the starter version.

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