What programming language do you recommend to create Windows applications, with which it is also possible to create Android and IOS apps and make them work with each other? Tips for courses and certifcates are also welcome!

I tell people time and time again that the programming language you choose is irrelevant. For a carpenter It also makes little out if he uses a hammer with nails, screws with a screwdriver or plain wood glue to make furniture.You simply choose the tool that works best to reach a solution.

There is a programming language that can be used almost everywhere and that is ANSI C. Quite primitive and almost half a century old, but the C language still prevails and is especially popular for creating operating systems and desktop applications.So if you want to learn programming, start with C.

The C language is also very useful because the C syntax is used by many other programming languages.That then makes it more convenient to continue with C++, Java or c#…

A good choice is C#, especially in conjunction with .NET Core or Xamarin.With the help of Visual Studio 2019 and C# you can write applications for both Windows, Android and IOS and also Linux. Both Web development and desktop development are well possible. The Visual Studio IDE also supports tasks such as JavaScript and typescript, and extensions are available for other programming languages. (Like Python and Pascal!) This makes it a pretty handy development environment.

Only, what you want to learn is not in a few weeks.And also not in a few months. Just assume that you are quickly working for a year to learn the basic knowledge you need to program (correctly and properly). It also requires a lot of insights and a lot of study and you will have to read a lot. The better programmers make use of the old-fashioned pen and paper and also many books, because the computer is not only a useful learning tool, but can also be a distraction soon! And you don’t want to be distracted during your studies, so take a book and a notepad and go on the couch studying! Away from the computer, in any case!

JavaScript runs in any browser.File management is not possible with JavaScript. I think it’s a tricky language, you have to work geelbauwkeurig.

You have an easy UI (user interface, display on the screen) by the webpage.You can also easily convert it to an app.

An easy language that you can do with a lot and that runs everywhere is Python.It’s really a super easy and very powerful language. Python is more or less forcing you to write clearly and you don’t see just a parenthesis or point comma, because it barely uses punctuation marks. This makes Python so easy.

Python is very difficult if you want to draw lines, create buttons, etc.In short, the ONION. I never succeeded.

Python is very suitable for automatically opening files and extracting all sorts of data, etcetera.

JavaScript (with HTML and CSS) is used by surprisingly many companies to create applications to deploy on any platform.Some examples:

Desktop (Mac, Windows, Linux)

  • Visual Studio Code
  • Discord
  • Spotify

Mobile (iOS, Android)

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • AirBnb


  • Netflix
  • Linkedin
  • Paypal

Besides, of course, there are also countless Web applications that use JavaScript.

For desktop and mobile development, frameworks are used to provide access to system resources (file system, network, sensors).For example, for desktop applications, there is Electron, and For mobile React-Native or Ionic.These frameworks ensure that applications can be rolled out for all known operating systems.

Nodejs can be used to develop NON-GUI applications. This allows JavaScript to run outside of the browser and allows you to do everything from web Apis building to scripts.

Because this Technologi “and by a large part of the market are used there is a lot of literature and explanations to find.Advisable is to start a JavaScript course on something like Codecademy.

Then start by installing Node on your system.This is the only thing you need to get started (besides an editor of course).

Good luck!

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