What problems have you experienced with using Apple products?

In my life, I have used and passed on many Apple products, resold, or otherwise made a hand.One time after (and I will elaborate in the following paragraphs) I have never actually had any notable problems. However, all computers are subject to normal wear during intensive use. Apple too. In my experience, hard disks from machines that you use a lot are going to be first and I have experienced a few times that the hard drive of a Mac had to be replaced after a year or five.

That one time…

It will have been at the end of 2003, beginning 2004, that I had money for the first time for a PowerBook 15 “.That’s what Apple called at the time — before they used Intel processors — what they call a “MacBook Pro” nowadays.There was a PowerPC processor in it. I don’t know exactly what that machine has cost, but it was a lot. The high-end machines were then rather more expensive than more affordable than nowadays and they radiated outright science fiction. One and a half times as flat as any PC laptop, of glossy aluminium — not of grey plastic — and with a display that you could really work on. And it was the first notebook with a battery that you really had a bit of.

However, mine had a problem: there were a few dead pixels in the screen.That was still best arranged for that — and if it had been one or two, I would have been pleased with it — but there were a lot or four-five. I did not want to do anything at once, but I knew I would probably not leave it there. Because I had such an AppleCare warranty of three years, I could happily afford to wait a moment for me (I needed that computer daily for my work). When the opportunity finally arose, I walked with the thing at one of the Apple dealers in our country (former MacHouse Amsterdam). Those recognized the problem and took the machine in for repair within warranty.

After this (first) repair, I got a machine back without dead pixels, but with a rather uneven backlit screen.It worked, but was not undivided to move forward. There came after a while so a second repair. The screen I got back then was fantastic: evenly illuminated and with much better contrast, but it had dozens of stuttened sub-pixels that were annokly visible under certain circumstances. Of a third repair — the machine was almost three years old — it didn’t come. When I came up with my Powerbook again, the repair department at MacHouse managed to get a new MacBook Pro at the manufacturer’s expense. You read it right. Not a new copy of the same Powerbook, but a fresh copy of the new MacBook Pro 15 model “that Apple then had just put on the market some months before. A literally almost four times faster machine that I have worked on for at least four years with a lot of fun (and I sold it for a good price second hand).

In General, no major problems.They work pretty well. Only, the battery in my current iPhone will start to be replaced. That’s a known problem with cell phones. Not only with the iPhone but also with many other mobile phones I’ve had. Since my phone is already 4 years old, it’s no surprise either…

My problem: lack of problems.You can’t do more tough by hanging out the expert, because everyone understands it.
I am therefore an ICT expert.
What I don’t really like, incidentally.

I’ve been making use of Apple products for years.Have always been very satisfied and still now. Except that I have had to replace a hard drive (even with my previous iMac what a hake fuss is), I have never had major defects, one after that:

In 2011 I bought a MacBook pro 15 inch with the dedicated AMD video card.Quite satisfied with it until he went the middle 2012 suddenly. He suffered from the well-known problem with that combination of hardware. I then went to the newly opened Apple store in Amsterdam. (Was curious what he looked like). My MacBook Pro was viewed there and finally repaired, they had the whole motherboard replaced. I was on holiday then, warm country. The ailor of those video cards came through overheating and weakly soldered chips. After 2 months, he suddenly stopped again and returned to the Apple store…

What turned out it was the mainboard again.It was then December 2012. However, in 2013, Apple would only create a repair program for this problem. Because the motherboard has already stopped twice and so there was no repair program, they were at the Apple store that I got the just released Retina MacBook Pro 15 inch. The only thing I need to pay was €50 what they saw as their own risk. No objection to it as it was definitely a good deal!

I have to this day enjoy this MacBook pro retina.Replaced the battery once. Meanwhile, bought an iMac to take over the graphic work. If Apple releases a new MacBook pro without it in my opinion unpleasant butterfly keyboard, I’ll probably buy it and send my machine out of 2012 with retirement.

My problem with Apple is that your wallet is going to weigh so little.

There is a series of MacBook pros where the fans are going to work worse early.As a result, the video processor or harddisk can eventually go down.

The bad luck my girlfriend had was that both were damaged.Thanks to a standalone repairer from Apple computers, most of the data on the disk could just be saved. Eventually, in 3 sessions, the fans, the video processor and the HDD are replaced by stronger but less heat-developing versions.

It was very special to know that you cannot replace the HDD yourself with an SSD.There are apparently more steps to be needed with associated knowledge and experience.

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