What prevents people from living their potential?

As long as you do not come to your own, you will keep your barriers.

Furthermore, too many people live on the financial zero line so that they can never work for a boss.

Being authentic, knowing what we really want, being able to express that and go after it would all contribute to living up to our potential.

So Why don’t we do that?What is stopping most people?

What we call procrastination is a result of an internal conflict between what we know would be good for ourselves and some mental release preventing us doing it.

What mental blockages are we talking about?They are mostly limiting beliefs on the identity level, deeply hidden in our subconsciousness.

For Example:

A person who beliefs that “they can ‘ t have or do in life what they really want”, feels like he or she has to always settle for alternative B, the life is difficult and despite the efforts, the results are not at the top of the potential.

Another Example:

A person who feels obliged to be like everybody else, otherwise feels extreme pressure of judgement of society, can’t really be himself and express self, let alone go after what he wants.Result is not much accomplishment in life and constant comparison to others and feeling like a failure.

Where do these limiting beliefs come from?

According to neuroscience, limiting beliefs were either accepted as a fact from significant others when were growing up (meaning adopting same kind of belief as our parents, teachers, etc) or they were created through imprints.Imprints are emotional conclusion about some impact situation we lived through as a child or later in life. For example if a man cheats on his girlfriend, she can make a conclusion “all men are cheaters and should not be trusted”. This belief can become a limitation in future relationships.

Which ones are the most damaging limiting beliefs and how to recognize them?

According to Dr. Robert Hawkins, there are different energy levels associated with different emotions.The Lowest energy frequency is shame and guilt. Interestingly, the most damaging limiting beliefs on identity level are related to hidden shame and guilt. Why hidden? Because We are not aware of having it. However the more hidden, the more damage it can cause. In this article is summarize what kind of personal limitations in real life can arise: Five shades of hidden shame that sabotages your life

How to get rid of these limiting beliefs?

Once you are fully aware of having certain beliefs, you are already one step towards changing them.Starting to open doubt about the absolute truth of these beliefs weakens their power. Creating new supportive beliefs to replace the old ones is also helpful.

From my experience working directly with the brain coding of the beliefs is very powerful.It is based on neuroscience. An experienced guide can support a person in finding out how specifically he or she codes certain problematic situations in the brain, then how he or she codes a resourceful situation in a similar context and then change the “sub-modalities” (the characteristics), Which results in change in the feelings and conclusions about the situation. Thanks to that the person can now feel, think and act differently in the context of the problem situation-thus getting closer to his or her personal potential.

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