What place in the world is most polluted by humanity?

Everyone thinks of big world cities right away.And they are also heavily polluted. But much has been done about this, in more or less enthusiastic measure.

But the streams, ditches, canals, rivers, lakes, inland seas and the rest of the water-covered surface of the earth are largely left to their fate.There are (small) initiatives, but what is lost on ice caps will come back to plastic soup. And also very small particles of plastic come into the water. Only lately are we working on developing a method to do something with it.

Hopefully one is still on time…

Depends on what kind of pollution you meant.

If you look at light pollution, then Tokyo is the first place.It is the largest and one of the most densely populated cities in the world with a lot of lighting. Closely followed by the Westland near Rotterdam, cities like Paris and cities like New York on the east coast of the United States.

The most heavily polluted air is found in the so-called black Triangle in southern Poland in Lower Silesia, especially with regard to sulphur dioxide.Closely followed by a number of cities in China. This is particularly due to the combustion of low quality coal.

However, if we look at the heathen polluted air in terms of nitrogen dioxide, the Netherlands and Flanders are at the top of the world ranking list.Second place followed by Mexico City. This is particularly because there is a lot of car traffic going through Belgium. The most crowded country in the world. Also exhaust gases and gases from factories from England contribute to their contribution. The reason Mexico city is so high is because it is in a valley surrounded by mountains which makes the polluted air difficult to get away. Also, Mexico city has very heavily contaminated waters one there plays the same problem which is difficult to get away and very concentrated.

In the biological sense and other sense, near the Aral lake the most air pollution is found, the reason is that at the time of the Soviet Union biological tests have been done and leaks have taken place.There is also the fact that many chemicals have been uncovered from both agriculture and fisheries through the dehydration of the Aral lake by cotton cultivation in the upstream rivers.

If you look at water pollution then there is a large plastic soup to be found in the North Pacific Gyre.This attracts a lot of plastic waste.

Another place where a lot of plastic waste is in the water is in the Mediterranean Sea.The largest concentration is to be found near the famous resorts such as Saint-Tropez. Near Marseille There is also a large open sewer to the Mediterranean Sea. The same problem plays a little lesser degree in Barcelona and Spanish seaside resorts.

If you look at other chemicals in the water, then the river Ganges is the most polluted place.Also in organic sense, the number of poo bacteria is more than 100 times the permissible value. It is a very densely populated area, there is a lot of corruption and beyond the monsoon time, pollution can be difficult to dilute.

If we look at water pollution with heavy metals and mercury then the Jinzu River and Minamata Bay in Japan are the hardest polluted spots.There is a lot of mercury and cadmium there.

In terms of radioactivity and dosing, Daiichi in Japan is the crown.The pollution in this sense is even worse than Chernobyl. Only at Chernobyl have isotopes been found with a much higher half-life, although the bulk of the isotopes is both at Daiichi and Chernobyl plutonium.

If you look at land level then Japan, the Netherlands and the United States are the three most polluted countries in the world.

Geographically speaking, it generally applies:

The economically richer the area, the more polluted!The Richer the man all the more polluting!

What I am the first to enter is the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.It will take thousands of years before it is clearly less polluted.


The piece between the north and South Pole.

It is equally dirty everywhere.


The sea.

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