What phone do you have? And why did you choose the right ones?

I chose not to have a phone at all until 3 years ago.

I couldn’t understand people when they were completely absorbed by their phone rather than enjoying the real life around them.

Perhaps because of the solitude I felt in real life, I chose to join the online community, by phone.Oddly.

But at that time I was very environmentally conscious and I was very strong in ethical shopping.(Yes, “was”).

So I opted for a FairPhone.FairPhone is a Dutch concept by Dutch designer Bas van Abel. The idea is a bit like fair trade, but for technology rather than coffee and chocolate.

(Incidentally, there’s a VPRO against light documentary about this FairPhone adventure, just look!)

But the FairPhone turned out to be a great failure and disappointment.It would always be bugging, and I couldn’t do anything with it. The back of the phone kept falling off, so I had to stick it with adhesive tape, and one day the battery started to swell so that I was afraid he would explode.

I was this phone really sat.

So I chose to switch to a Google phone: a Nexus 5. (Just because my former partner had one)

It was all connected to all my Google accounts and was very convenient.Except “The black screen of death” which seems to continue to happen on the Nexus 5.

Once in the Paradiso danced with my Nexus 5 in my BH…. And I’ve killed it with breast sweat.

I saved it by leaving it in couscous for a few hours.But later the “Black screen of death” continued to happen, and the repair shop accused it of “water damage” (a.k.a. breast sweat).

I bought a new Nexus 5 because it was a solid phone, which worked relatively well, and cheap.But after a few months, again, the bugs and delays that I already knew started to happen. I had a few “Black screen of Death” and I was really annoyed by it: there was absolutely no breast sweat or any kind of water damage on this.

So…. I chose to switch to Apple, and I now have an Iphone 7 in my possession.

What motivated my choice?By my previous job I switched from PC to Mac, and I thought: why the hell not?

And then 7 is my lucky number, so I figured: why the hell doesn’t it?

And voil脿.

That was a very technical answer, as you can notice.

I’m using a OnePlus 6T at the moment.I have always spent a lot of money on a phone. I always found it important that the user experience is pleasant. I’ve always been an androiduser, it gives me, as someone in the software, the most flexibility and there are more features and gadgets to find. For instance, I’ve always had the Nexus series, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the LG Nexus 5 and the LG Nexus 5X. The latter, however, became a big disappointment.

After that, I’ve been searching for a premium phone for a long time without breaking my bank account.After researching several phones I was heavily disappointed. 900 or 1200 euros for a phone with a disappointing user experience, limited software updates, after a year it already gets no attention anymore, in short: everything really just isn’t good.

Then I ended up on OnePlus.A premium phone for a non premium price! 2 years ago the OnePlus 3T bought for Zo芒 鈧劉 N 500 euros in total and it has been a fantastic phone. However, due to my intensive use, the battery was still considerably degraded. Therefore now bought a OnePlus 6T for Zo芒 鈧劉 N 600 euros. I’m very happy with it, it’s a comparatively standard Android experience (which I like very much!), is fast, smooth and the battery does very well. I have been going to treat the battery very differently. I do not charge it to more than 65% to save it. Hopefully he does 芒 鈧劉 t be any longer good than the previous.

I have a Wiko.芒 鈧?虄Jerry 3芒 鈧劉 insists when you start, but I have mostly looked at the price. About 80 芒 ‘ 卢, but you have some for that!

16 GByte memory.1GB of working memory. It Is sat, with on a loose memory card still 32.Gb

Photo quality good, at least many times better than my first digital cameras.

The technology is developing rapidly: Now you buy a phone for six hundred 芒 ‘ 卢, then you want to keep it for 2 or 3 years, but after 2 years he is already hopelessly outdated.If something goes on such a phone you will want to fix for 60 芒 ‘ 卢 (10% of the purchase price), while for 20芒 ‘ 卢 More you can buy a new phone, which is probably better.

It’s my second Wiko.The first one lasted one and a half years and still had a small screen. This one has an ordinary big crack in the screen, I’m not so with it.

Advantage of Wiko above Samsung is that you pay 30 to 40 芒 ‘ 卢 Less for the same quality.

And my subscription?Lycamobile Prepaid. No need to cancel, extra costs, etc. Thirty days Internet (7 Gbyte) and free calls for 15 euros. More like Sat.

I do have regular other phones in my hands.Expensive that are already three or four years old. I have also been dealing with the subscription of others. The account then simply taps, reminders with an increase and a notice period of one month. Feel with my prepaid than really chosen. Freedom for a glimg.

Qualitatively, the more expensive phones are often better, although I find the iPhone worthless.But to pay eight times more for a phone that is two times better, seems to me no logical choice.

I have had an iPhone 6s for 4 years, which even after that time still very good meekon with the current technique.Only issue was a weaker battery and 芒 鈧?艙aging the芒 鈧?camera technique.

I would like to replace my phone after 3.5 a 4 years anyway because it is worth it for me to upgrade.It’s never nice to spend 芒 ‘ 卢 600-芒 ‘ 卢 1000 for something like a phone, but after that time it may be.

Now I have since Oct.2018 an Apple iPhone X, bought for 芒 ‘ 卢 850 (new and on company name) and am very happy with it.

My workflow has become even faster and more streamlined due to the new internal technology and the greater ease of use, and the new camera lets me record beautiful video芒 鈧劉 s that I can edit later in top quality.

I consciously chose not for the iPhone Xs (little added value for the higher price) or Xs Max (too big for my comfort).

Hopefully I can do with my current X again 3.5-4 years and around 2023 on the iPhone # < insert > switch.

In terms of technique I have nothing against Samsung/Huawei/Sony etc, but for me personally iOS works finer.

When I was allowed to choose a phone it was the last time I could take a subscription without BKR registration (like now).I could not tolerate a laptop or TV (by a car accident) so if I would like something with picture, mail if anything else, my phone would be the most important.

I have looked at privacy issues and sustainability but it became too complicated to take into account all aspects.

Finally I opted for the S8 + from Samsung.Good 4g, great good screen, can handle well with audio formats and has recently been updated to latest Android version according to me (find the icons less but that on side).

I’m really still very happy with it.

Call, YouTube, series, audio, mail and other communication, calendar, notes, Quora.. I use have been able to do all that to date.

Of course a laptop/PC etc is more efficient.But for me it was and my phone is essential for contact with the outside world and thus my recovery.

The Samsung Galazy Note 8

Simply because I always go for the Samsung Galazy Note, best screen in the market, great camera, battery works perfectly, S-pen also beautiful.Have nothing to complain powerful, wonderful quick thing.

I’m still satisfied with my iPhone 6S. Still fast for a 4 year old phone and it does what it needs to do.One it gets the latest software and security updates from Apple.

It has all the features that a phone needs.Shame that the latest iPhones are so expensive.. Even though they are really worth their money.

First off, I have Vodafone prepaid (twice), with no mobile internet.This will cost me 20 to 30 euros per year. So every two years I buy a mobile of about 150 euros.

I had a Wileyfox Swift, still does with Lineage OS (Android Pie).It is now with a family member.

I now have Nokia 6.1. Important for me were monthly updates (Android One, now on Pie).According to the guys from Hardware.Info Netherlands It is so solidly built that you can break one’s head.

My first smartphone was an HTC, which was bought against my advice, by my daughter.She had to and would have that phone. It was a phone with mobile Windows and a stylus. I found it quite a nice device. After a month my daughter came to me with thick tears in her moment… she had been mistaken. The subscription vrat her pocket money on it and whether I could not help her to bring the phone back. Before that, it was too late, but I suggested that it let me take over that device, and I would then be taking the costs on me too. So said, so done. I had my first smartphone and they a cheaper one, for its better fit.

As a result, I stayed loyal to HTC for several years.However the newer models had Android and no stylus anymore. I missed that.

When seven years ago my last HTC slipped out of my wife’s hands and the display showed three big black spots, it was once again time for a new one.I then bought a used Samsung Note 3. However, it was too slow and exchanged it at an additional 100 euros for a refurbished Note 4. I have had it for four years now. Slowly but surely he touches it, the lacquer is off, the battery keeps it only a 12 hours or less. And the volume knob hangs sometimes.

However, this old Note 4 is still fine for my needs and keeps my phone until IE doesn’t do it at all.Then I’ll look for a refurbished Note 8, which you can already get for half the price now. Maybe by then already a note 9 or 10芒 鈧?娄 but a new one will never be

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