What pension do you have?

First of all: This is not financial advice, but my personal opinion based on my personal experience.

Moin together,

I invest 80% of my mtl.Net income. Basically, I have two investment strategies that I follow:

  1. a broadly diversified portfolio.

This consists of a variety of asset classes. Among others, from equities/ETFs; Bonds; P2P loans; Reits. The logic of this portfolio is to combine different asset classes that correlatenegatively with each other.Means that when one asset class weakens, the other usually increases. This ratio is, for example, for equities/bonds. This mechanism allows a depot to be very successful over a long investment period (from ten years). As literature I can recommend the book by William J. Bernstein. An absolutely super book that is very practical and informatively written: How to Create Profitable And Hedged Portfolios: Amazon.de: William J. Bernstein: Books.

  • A dividend strategy: As part of this strategy, I only focus on asset classes that pay dividends as often as possible and as high as possible.
  • Not only do I want to wait for my other portfolio to reach a level of value that I can live on through interest and time, I use the dividends to generate an additional, regular and passive income. As asset classes, I mainly use stocks/ETFs and REITs.Here I can definitely recommend the book by the German Finnazprofis R枚hl and Heussinger as literature. This is super entertainingly written and describes a super simple but still profitable dividend strategy: Stay cool and collect dividends: get out of the.

    In addition, I always try to investmy wealth in my own education and private projects.With the ultimate goal always further,in the best case passive, generateincome.

    What Iavoid: to leave my money pointless in the account.There, inflation will only make it less and less. In addition, I would never invest in actively managed funds or the like, as these are mostly a.) super expensive as well as b.) often very unprofitable.

    If you want to delve deeper into the topic of finance/shares, I can recommend my blog. I write about topics such as saving, investing and generating additional (passive)income.My blog is called: www.Finanzen-Einkommen.de.

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