What must you have seen. if you were in Hamburg?

What should you definitely see in Hamburg?

This, of course, depends on one’s own interests. Let’s start up in the north.

Bicycle >>>

The Alster source:


The Alsterquelle is essentially this “Gulli lid” and it is admittedly not spectacular.But what brings a whole series of “Ah’s” and “Oh’s” is the way there.

Quite relaxed, maybe with your girlfriend, cycling there has something and you should absolutely.

The way back could then be made through the Duvenstedter Brook


to develop in a certain way.This is a great destination at dawn to be able to watch game in its wild.

In Tangstedt you pass the restaurant “Alsterschleuse” if you like.This restaurant, which at first glance seems a bit musty, should be approached as a cyclist at an outside temperature of just under 20掳C and insist on taking a seat outside.

I had my best deer gull asch of my life and because they wanted to please me because of the temperature, which was not so luxuriant, it did not come served as usual on the plate, but in an extra terrine with lid.But this was much larger than a portion on the plate.

I was so fed up, so really so fed up, so really.I could hardly move afterwards (further cycling was not possible for some KM), I was SO SATT and it was so incredibly delicious….This meal is undoubtedly one of the best of my life.

Motorcycle >>>


The Zollenspieker ferry house is incredibly uninteresting, the ferry pier right next to it is much more interesting. Here there is essentially a sausage stall, which gives us a first hint.

In the months of April to the end of September, all hell breaks loose here every evening.Bikers from the whole german region come here to eat a sausage and then biker again home.

From the cosy cruiser guild, to the Johguhrtbecher to the artistic organ donor faction, everything is represented here.There are still real problems being tackled here. As an example 2 Gold Wing drivers: “How do I just get the dishwasher installed without expanding the bedroom and sauna again?” Yes, problems, really serious….

So from the working day until about 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. there is something going on here in almost every weather and who likes motorcycles has a lot to look at here.For example, we were ALWAYS there on 31.12, because others do, it is briefly triggered, but for longer gasoline conversations it is then a bit shady around the nose….

Probably unique in the world is the miniature wonderland.


With a lot of wit and fun at the Freud, many tinkering hands have created a world that is experienced, among other things, by an electric railway, but that is not the point.What the real bang is are the many 1,000 scenes that are set up there.

I can only recommend to everyone the landscape that was built there, really, so REALLY look closely.You will find a lot of joy in these tiny miniatures, but you have to look closely. After all, the facility is also admired by children and you don’t get too close to them. On the other hand, the miniature wonderland is located between the harbour and the Reeperbahn and you just can’t really suppress that in there, if you understand what I mean.

Administratively, a district of Hamburg is the island of Helgoland, which is really sporty and can be reached by catamaran ferry for small money.


Helgoland is the island that was heavily bombed by the English during the Second World War and yet survived almost harmlessly and Werner Heisenberg was on Helgoland for treatment, he had asthma.And as he walked on Helgoland, the blurring relationship occurred to him. So Helgoland inspires the Spirit, one might say.

For a hamburger often not so interesting, but always gladly taken when guests are from outside is the Alster and harbour tour.You jut for quite a while with a small ship over the water, especially in the dark it looks very nice.

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