What motivates you to get your bed out in the morning?

Just, I feel like it. I wake up-100% charged, let’s go. If I stay longer then I crack apart.It’s seldom that I wake up and don’t feel like it. In addition, if I do not come out of bed, nothing happens in our house!
If I’m not up, my husband and son will just have to round 8.30.
So I’m the example and also a kind of traffic leader;)

I stand up reasonably early, in proportion to how late I have to be at work.I don’t like Stressen. I like the idea that I have all the time, so I’m first up and go last way, everyone with what he needs (including myself). That my morning ritual is so relaxed, makes me very relaxing at my work too, delicious! The same goes for my husband and son, of course it didn’t go flawless at once, it took a while before we found the optimal flow, but now it works very well.

This question is fun and challenging for several reasons.

For yes, what motivates me. I’m in the ‘ happy ‘ circumstance that I don’t have to ‘ do ‘ anything anymore, no need to start earning cents for example.

You would say that then the motivation is lacking to stand up, why would you?

Much further, one cannot sit next to it.I do have 100 motivations. Funny enough just not the motivations of another response to your question: To see things, to experience. I don’t need the house for that.

I don’t have those needs.I grab a book and make a Journey through one’s fantasy world. Whether I’m crawling behind the wing, keyboard, Hammond or just a guitar. And travel the world of music. Often already composing and trying out. Often I start with the riffjes of Sultans or Swing and from there the Guitar world is open.

Or I look out and see a cabbage meesje another cabbage meesje a peanut (which we intersperse) bring.Undoubtedly a male who sits to decorate a female. And they can hear that.

Or I play a movie of a beautiful singing blackbird, via YouTube, and watch the blackels react to it.Males shave low over, they don’t see blackbird, just that stupid man, me. They know it but they can’t whistle so nicely. Females then sit a bit apart, cup oblique. The male becomes a cross and tries to hunt me away. Sees me as a rival. Wonderful, I have achieved some.

Or I read the newspaper, it clamped at political level.

Then the dream is gone again.



I have to pee.

This answer sounds very odd.I still want to see some things in the world before I am too old or dead. Traveling is expensive, you first have to have some money for spared.

Really just the fact, that I’m still there to get that bed out, makes me like to be back in the morning.

Fortunately, deep valleys are also followed again by increasing lines.

And I have gone through deep valleys, almost dead to two times to toe.

Having survived that motivates though.

It also makes you look at life differently, that you see the really important things and let go of the rest.

I also have bad days, but in those cases it motivates me that the next 24 hours will probably be better than that of that bad day.


My personal goals in life and the fact that every day offers new opportunities.

Activate the entire energy potential to meet life,

And everything from the day to the halls, to ruminate at night in my dreamland.

That’s my motivation to get out of bed.

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