What motivated your choice for this image as a profile picture?

I doubted between a photo of The Pink Panther, Lolsmurf and a picture of myself.

This jumped out anyway.

We were that day, a few months ago, with his sixes at the photographer.

Father in law, mother in law, eldest son, youngest son, my wife and myself.

Eldest son, 4 years old, had a lot of energy during the shoot.

Youngest son, 4 months, had to be changed three times during the shoot.

Grandpa and Grandma had only commented on the photographer.

And my wife and I were constantly working on crisis management.

That pictures have been taken at all is a miracle afterwards.

When the photoshoot was over and the photographer dropped off on the couch in his studio he looked tired.

A little smile appeared on his face.He wanted to try something and set me up quickly for the camera.

The result is my profile picture, a nice memento of a hectic day.

I am not a black and white thinker; So the picture has nothing symbolic,

My face is fairly symmetrical, so with some imagination you can also think of the other half.

I did recognize myself in the picture, more than I recognise myself in Lolsmurf.

This became it.

Because I’m not recognizable on it.But it does show how I watch the world. And one of my biggest pursuits is pulling photos for inventory real estate Flanders during my bike rides.

Karl Marx is terribly overrated.So he doesn’t deserve such a big statue, Mar what do I do about it? Sacrilege, of course, by making rabbit ears on the picture.

I’m not the selfietype.So I wait for 1 of my friends or family to take a picture of me and then Dick 1 out. The posing is not very much to me, so it must be a photograph taken at an unguarded moment. Hence this copy.

Because this is a realistic representation of how I see it.Though I have to admit I had a good hair day when I took that selfie.

I could of course use a picture of a handsome actress like Alicia Vikander, but I don’t like people in the bag.I will be so honest.

This one was taken from me 500 selfies of that day.And me phone memory is barely used. I also do not think we try to show our best as our best to do with a picture we can present a particle of.

I used to be rather pretentious, as some here, and I happened to have just learned about the Greek god Chronos and one of the Greek stories about the origins of the world.A story of origin in which Chronos took care of the egg from which the world originated. (Something like that I don’t know either) I thought it was quite a cool story and saw this picture and so it came from one to the other. 🙂

Just a nice picture of me and my wife.Does not bother you anyway I hope?

To date deliberately chose not to post a profile picture yet.

If you post a profile picture, is it for quora generic or alone or Quora NL?

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