What mechanism is behind the consistency of the speed of light?

The question is simply answered:

As a movement, we understand that at any time of any long time a constant smallest possible distance is covered, which can also be understood as a section of a scale.

The sequence of these determines the speed of an effect of each physical process.

But it is no longer so easy to understand why many things seem to contradict constancy all the time and thus reveal temporal differences, because both the standard model of physics and the string theories cannot explain it.

There is, however, a model, the boni-tistic geometry, which uses an additional spatial dimension more, i.e. does not use the time to justify the curvature of the space, but uses the time dimension exclusively for the selection of the time, whereby the additional dimension for this time indicates the amplitude of the curvature.Thus, the temporal and spatial differences find a clearly plausible explanation, which means that the same time is now indispensable again.

This smallest possible constant distance, the Planck pixel, now represents the maximum possible resolution, because the distances between the sections of the scale are not relevant because they are not also scaled and a variance (strain) as a time length cannot be grasped. Is.In other words, “no effects are achieved within our universe”.

The standard model cannot answer all questions by imagining a comprehensible stretch of time, which is supposed to justify the mechanism of constancy of the speed of light.It is simply wrong, because you cannot roll in the present.

The bonitistic geometry, on the other hand, can thus also carry the information, which is to be understood by the standard model of physics as externally existing fields.Thus, the bonitistic geometry characterizes the space with the additional dimension as both a gravitative and an electromagnetic field and makes the Higgs field plausible about the direction of the motion. superfluous.

The “rolling in the present” sounds as if it is misworded, but it is not, because lengths, distances and places refer to past or future positions, but they are non-existent in the present and only we humans can pass past or future positions because we store them.Therefore, any state could be detected, even if only by computer. But the present universe has no memory, and yet the world still has to function.

The bonitistic geometry answers the question “WHAT comes WHEN, WHERE in a global context, with the constant mechanism of the speed of light playing the main role.On the other hand, the standard model cannot explain this because it separates the things that belong together. It looks at things separately into separate field theories and therefore finds no connection, because the known three dimensions are all connected to the additional dimension as a circle, so everything is connected curved.

Without an additional real spatial dimension, a unifying information in the room cannot be identified.For the real goal of science is the Theory of Everything, with which the structure of the entire universe can then be explained plausibly by logical conclusion alone.

The standard model separates the WAS as external fields and denies the same time.It sees time as a stretchable variability, with which the true connections have been sunk into the occult abysses of time, but in bonitistic geometry there are 4D topological effects that do not seek time stretching, because the additional dimension holds the WHAT-Information as a distance from the WOthat causes the constant mechanism as a circle and shows that everything in this universe is constantly vibrating, which would have been the basis of all considerations of a good string theory.

On the picture, the sinusoidal scaled gravitational density is marked as a grayscale scale and distances, wherein the black portions of the horizontal X-axis represent the WO as a sequence of the times.

The vertical Y-axis, on the other hand, marks the WAS set in red, that is, the amount that the black 3D plane now lacks, causing the contracting gravitational effects there.The blue sine curve indicates the function that determines the red set and that shows the electromagnetic properties in the 4D plane and this is exactly the mechanism for constantkeeping the velocity of the effects.

This is mathematically linked in so many places that no one has yet succeeded in refuting it, and it is highly unlikely that it could only be a random match with reality, because that is the persuasive power of this Theory.

The animation below describes a process of motion, wherethe the distance into the 4D plane bends around the amplitude ormark the field strength. This curvature ends as a circle whose circumference is now missing from the 3D plane and thus keeps the speed of light constant.

The whole thing follows the Planck formulation E=hf, whereby the diameter of a circle is hidden in the frequency.This diameter determines the horizontal length of the 3D plane and, in the 4D plane, the amplitude of the curvature or diameter of the circle. The effect factor h then determines the energy unit of the amplitude.Thus, the Planck constant points to the constant ratio of the horizontal length to the vertical amplitude. The track, which is missing in the black 3D plane, which is multiplied in the red 4D plane by PI ()the route extend because it describes over time the path of a helix track.

The animation shows on the X-axis in black place and time, coming from the right, the length contraction of the 3D plane and on the Y-axis in red the curvature into the 4D plane, which I illustrate as circular motion course and represent as a sine arc of the amplitudes.

The lower line shows the structure of a boson for all possible directions and the blue helix-like tail shows the course of a Planck pixel, so that one can see how the boson “spinsthrough the space “.

So if you look at everything about time (the X-axis), the path of a motion runs helix-shaped through the additional dimension.For the ordinary, a four-dimensional sphere is difficult to imagine and seems even more twisted to our senses when the temporal is not quite converted into spatial positions. And therefore you don’t get any idea for how the circles are getting smaller and smaller and the number of turns is getting bigger and bigger, so that the same length of the track is always maintained.

The problem is that one cannot see any difference in movement from above, at the dive point, it acts as if the chain of the individual scale steps is not interrupted, wherein in reality the process chain bridges the missing circumference of the circular distance, which finally explains the constant mechanism plausibly, because at the top of the horizontal 3D plane only a partial section can be detected at the top, but any movement also winds through the 4D plane at the only possible speed.

This mechanism is well known and detectable, but is interpreted as a separate gravitational or electromagnetic effect, which according to the standard model of physics are understood as separate “forces”, although the one effect is only the complement of the other effect.

The constant mechanism at the 3D level is a topological effect, where the real path is bridged through the 4D plane and acts only as a single moving point.At the 4D level, on the other hand, this change in amplitude is interpreted as a vibration from inside to outside and back. Whereas the same is shown statically on the 3D plane as statically present sinusoidal scaled contraction (1/r) of the tracks.

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