What makes certain cars ‘police magnets’?

“What makes certain cars “police magnets”?”

In my time, the exaggerated optical tuning was with the “favourite question” “Is this entered in the sham or is there an ABE?” With my Escort Mk II RS1800,

(Example picture, mine was completely light blue)

one of 500 homologation cars, I had the problem more often, because the car had already been tuned from the factory, and since the costume group “Green-Brown” had not yet looked under the bonnet!

Because there was a bullish Cosworth BDA and no Kent in-line engine (nothing against the Kent, that was a very reliable and economical engine and even the block of the Cosworth BDA was a Kent, only one with 100000 km or more used.

Today I would rather assume that high-powered cars with young drivers, who normally can never have earned such cars with honest work, are mostly leased or just short-lived cars.And since I drove with the RS1800 a very strong car for its time, I can honestly say, young driver with a lot of horsepower under the hood is not really a good team! You can look at your fingers more often and if necessary perform a tox.-screen, the dry chemistry of today is nothing bad.

The complete opposite is my old (built 1970) used car from Coventry.

This street flea is just at the highest point, the upper edge windshield, 110 cm tall or small, depending on the taste of the reader.

Only with the emergency roof closed, it comes to “legendary” 125 cm, but which dodo closes the roof with a roadster?But it doesn’t matter!

With this rare exotic you are not stopped*.I bought it at 38, and a rare English sports car was a good fit …

*) Once the A5 southbound just before the bad Krozingen exit was completely closed in the middle of the night with a few large police buses, with a car you just got through.A policeman asked me where I wanted to go. I first looked ostentatiously at my wristwatch (in the instrument board, and yes, that was a real solid wood board, there was no room for a watch, other engine displays were probably more important in 1970) and then answered somewhat harshly: “Wherewill I be at 03:30 at night want to go? Home and to bed of course!”

And immediately I was waved through without any other questions!

Alternatively, we are still on the Upper Rhine of 2005.In Alsace there was foot-and-mouth disease, in Breisgau there was no foot-mouth disease. I came from France to the border, where every car had to drive through a tub of disinfectants. All but one: With 7.5 cm of ground clearance, the car did not get into the 10 cm high tub. The border police discussed briefly and came to the conclusion that I could most probably not have driven this car to a farm. I then answered in the affirmative and my car was the only car to continue next to the tub. Some cars don’t trust anything bad. Unfortunately, however, they are also very often very impractical.

I hope you now understand a little more about the mindset of a policeman …

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