What makes a Nazi?

Perhaps a little transcript of me will help you:

The emergence of fascism and fascistoid “thinking” and handing

First of all, I must say that I see myself as a cosmopolitan and; as a convinced anti-fascist.

At the same time, I consider many members of antiFA to be fascistoids and I even try good old things (partially; ancient) to preserve it.So I am “conservative” in some areas, so to speak; classified as “right”.

If some people ask themselves, “How can this be?” or; Somehow, this is due to the extreme, inflative misuse of terms as advertising and propaganda-effective buzzwords in this epoch.

For most, these buzzwords trigger strong emotions, but if they are to try to define the term, they are completely overwhelmed.From a differentiated perception of these terms, they are far away and a crazy flash flood of images and scenes races through their heads, should they even think about it.

Exempli causa: The name; “right” is far too diffuse and stretchy to describe the setting or actions of someone or a group.

Many have when it is called; “right” immediately coupling to baseball bat-wielding skinheads, alt- and neo-Nazis, though; “right” only; conservative means.This goes from someone who cultivates old customs (regardless of which culture), collects antiques, deals with history, goes back to nature and original life, or simply; Everything wants to leave the old, even since, to said old and neo-Nazis.

“Right” means ; conservative and “left”; Revolutionary.

It is remarkable that at a time when the NSDAP was emerging and gaining more and more power, it saw itself as “left”and was also seen in this way while; “on the right” were the supporters of the Weimar Republick and the “very special right”, were imperialfaithful.

So; the term “right”, is completely unsuitable for a political direction, a worldview, or thinking (respectively; non-thinking) or actions of a person.

Because of this diffusiveness and expansiveness of this term and because the average citizen cannot really differentiate it, it is of course often used in media and propaganda to discredit any of the blemish. to press.This can affect virtually anyone.

Let us now turn to the term; Nazi:

Alt-Nazis are now almost extinct.Neo-Natzis are people who glorify the Third Reich and aspire to its, mostly destructive, aspects. These can be described as “fascist” or “fascistoid”.

“Fascism” comes from; Faschere = Bundling.So; absolute synchronisation and dictatorship.

As a political direction, fascism had arisen in Italy, but is widespread as a “thinking” and action able and is a serious danger.

The frightening thing is that the vast majority are receptive (especially when dissatisfied) and extremely many are fascistoids without them realizing it.For example; Someone might think: “I hate Nazis, hate Germany, hate German shepherds and oaks, – how can I be a fascist?”. That is a big mistake!

So were Stalinists and Maoists, in short; All those who fought anything that did not meet their norm, in fact; Fascists.

Fascism and fascistoid world view, “thinking” and acting, can be recognized at the following points:

1.: Anything that is outside its own, usually very limited horizon, is rejected.

2.: Everything new, unknown or stranger, creates fear and from it hatred arises.

3.: This hatred hits everything else.Be it; a different culture, different skin color, other worldview, other religion, other sexual orientation, different way of life, a different appearance or appearance, a different way of expression, other preferences, other hobbies, a different sub-culture, another Music direction, the other club or club, etc., etc., etc.. – In short; everything “other”.

4.: For the fascist: “Everyone who is not for me/us is against me/us and must be fought/destroyed.” The “moderate” fascist may be in the dark: “I’m so great.” However; immediately follows; “but;…..”. Even in the regular day-to-day life, he may rather refrain from acts of violence, but at the latest when he is dissatisfied and upset, in the middle of a raging bully, he also becomes a beast.

5.: Faschistoide usually lacks the ability to process complexity.The ability to differentiate is almost completely deplonged from him. Thus, for everything he perceives as adversity, he will immediately blindly “interpret” a “guilty” or “the guilty”. A catchphrase, a grippy recrimination, an already smouldering aversion is enough to create an enemy image. As a rule; it’s the “others.” Whether; “the ones up there”, the foreigners, the long-haired, the academics, play only a subordinate role.

6.: Through a complex world he feels overwhelmed nud yearns unconsciously to the womb of the mother, to a narrow familiar environment and into familiar plots / patterns.Even an authoritarian parental home, in which he was regularly beaten with a soft diaper, is preferred as a “habitual process”, the new, the other, the unknown.

Thus he longs for a “strong hand” and authority that guides him and which he hopes to be guarded.

This can be both the desire for a “strong man”, a “great leader”, as well as; submission and fanatical allegiance to a “guru” or “great master”.

7.: On the one hand; it is often people who are cognitively unable to comprehend a complexandandy and diverse world.Diversity, scares them. On the other hand; are just as common; People who have only a weak self-esteem and/or; self-confidence. When they seem superficially self-confident, this “self-confidence” is set up (mask) and is based on aggressiveness that arises from fears and panic. You can’t tolerate any other view besides yours.

These fascistoides are usually; the “simply knitted”.Often people with not very high education and little world experience. However, not only the members of the lowest class and completely uneducated. Many “specialists” and even some academics are also included. Because; in our “education system” and in our environment of media, propaganda, advertising and honkytonk entertainment, logically differentiated thinking is suppressed and complexity processing is not sufficiently learned to cope with the flood of impressions.

On the other hand; only the lower ego and associative thinking is promoted.

The infantilization of a large part of the population has now been proven.

This state of most people is crucial for fascism to thrive, like bamboo in humid regions.

This creates a majority that is mostly unconscious, fascistoid, and which carries potentiol into a bestial mob that, with increasing dissatisfaction, becomes increasingly explosive.

A small spark, an unfavorable event and even a careless statement by a person of public interest is enough to turn it into an apocalyptic tidal wave.

Only a decisive increase in the cognitive abilities of mankind can eliminate this danger and take the evil of fascism at its roots!

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