What makes a good Quora response?

Quora’s mission is to share and multiply knowledge around the world.We are committed to becoming a relevant, serious and high-quality Internet platform for any questions to which Quora users have a good answer.
Most people find a good answer helpful when answering the question that interests you.Good answers are helpful both for the original questioner and for all those who have the same question in the future. A helpful answer is clear and credible and takes a serious view of the question.
More specifically, helpful answers are as follows:

  • Answer the question.

Good answers are helpful for anyone interested in answering the question.It should always be assumed that the questioners have good intentions and are interested in answers that will help them. The respondent should therefore not change the subject, rub up on erroneous details or make fun of the question. In a good answer, the mindset of the questioner should be taken into account – what is the questioner thinking about, what could lead to confusion and what kind of background information is appropriate.

  • Provide knowledge that is reusable for anyone interested in the question. A good answer consists of facts and insights that are general.
  • An answer is not helpful if it only helps one person in certain circumstances that are not even mentioned in the question. It is perfectly fine to present your own opinion or way of thinking, but if you assume that your personal opinion is also the correct answer to the question, you should explain and substantiate your point of view (e.g. why you believe that others of your opinion). The best answers to a general question often go to cases with different conditions (e.g. “If you are big, then I recommend X, if you are small, then I recommend Y”).

  • Support your answer with good arguments. Helpful answers assume that the question is always implicitly asked for “why,” even if the question is not formulated in this way. This means that convincing arguments should be put forward so that the reader can understand why the answer is correct.
  • It is also important to show why your answer is correct and helpful (and not just popular) for questions that are about personal opinions, personal experiences and/or individual competence.

  • Impart credibility and remain factually correct.
  • A good answer convinces the reader that it is trustworthy.An answer is not helpful if it is incorrect or contains incorrect facts and premises. A credible answer may include reliable sources, good examples and an explanation of where the know-how or experience comes from. Ideally, the authors should indicate why they are qualified to answer the question (if it makes sense, even a few keywords about biography don’t hurt). The best answers need not be mentioned at all sources, because they are written by authors with excellent expertise. However, it is advisable to provide external links and source material if the answer to the question is not based on the individual competence of the individual, but if facts and analyses have to be used by third parties.

  • The answer should be simple and clear.
  • Good answers should be very clear to read and understand, even for someone who reads quickly or just flies over the page.It makes sense to use simple formatting that structures the response and highlight important information. Of course, a good answer should be characterized by correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. Images or videos used should be tools to underline the arguments. It should also be fun to read the answers because they may lead you to think and contain empathy and humour. A good answer avoids insider jokes or sarcasm.

    A good answer should have the potential to be the most comprehensive, helpful, and trusted resource on the Internet for this question.Quora wants to provide the most helpful answer for each question for anyone interested in answering the question.Our best answers are those that have received a high level of attention from a wide readership.
    Quality and distribution — how the distribution of high-quality responses works at Quora
    Quora is constantly improving and changing, and is measured by a high quality standard and a considerable digital distribution.This means in detail:

    • High-quality responses should take precedence in digital distribution (in feed, in digest emails, etc.).
    • Digital distribution for lower-quality responses should be minimal.
    • The more complete and covered the answer, the higher the probability that it (1) appears very high up on the page and (2) reaches many readers.
    • Answers with short fragments that only partially answer the question, but do not contribute much to the quality of the page, will only be able to benefit minimally from the digital distribution.

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