What knowledge can save your life from cancer?

I do not know why I can not respond to the answer of SHABTI Sis.I am skeptical of his/her answer. In addition, mushrooms are not plants like SHABTI professes. Fungi belong together with animals to the unikonta.

As a cancer patient I have the most confidence in the doctors who treat me.Moreover, I am a realist who knows that we are all dying, the one somewhat earlier and the other what later. Also, I know that doctors cannot heal anyone either. Hocus-Pocus lui who claim that they have the remedy, you have to be at the deepest distrust, even climate-warming deniers, antivaxers and flat Earth loops.

Follow the advice of your specialist physician, who has probably also diagnosed.This has been taught by and will treat you with scientifically proven therapy.

There is not one type of cancer, there is not one universal treatment.

Opinions on mushrooms, weed oil, CBD oil and alternative medicine I do not necessarily point out, but realize that there is no evidence of efficacy and realize that it may interact with your regular treatment.Therefore consult these treatments with the specialist. Realize that a large portion behind this treatment is money klopperij using anxiety and last straw halmen.

Avoid regular care!Have confidence in your doctor.

Caution: This is not a medical advice.If you want a medical advice, ask a doctor. This is only for the popular-Scientific Interest:

Never smoke.Economical with alcohol, kitchen salt (beware not for athletes!), burnt BBQ, smoked meats, less red meat, avoid HPV infections.

Avoid sunbathing.Certainly not around noon. Good lubrication with high factor. Protective clothing, hats, sunglasses… Brown specrack that grows or discolours-> dermatologist.

Participate in all preventive population surveys…

If everyone were to follow this, the pension fund would certainly not save it.

Oh yeah, have I forgotten what?Please additions in the comments…

Another answer is aimed at preventing cancer.It contains good advice.

But what if you already have it?

Even then it is not always fatal.

If it is confined to inside an organ, usually removal of that organ (except the heart, then anyway) is sufficient to be able to heal again.

If it is going through the organ, or just outside it, it becomes a harder journey.If it gets into your bloodstream, it’s even harder.

But chemotherapy (pills and/or drinks) and irradiation (partly radioactive) can help in many (but unfortunately not all) cases.

Search the Internet for information, if you reassure, but keep talking to your treating physician.

Panic makes cancer worse.The will to defeat it certainly helps to endure everything.

How do I know?

I have survived kidney cancer, which began to sow (it started spreading outside the kidney).

Healthy living can never hurt but for the rest it’s a lottery.

There are plenty of people who smoke/drink/eat unhealthy and get very old

And there are those who eat healthy, do not smoke, do not drink, exercise, etc.. And die early.

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