What kind of sentence can you use to tell a narcissist that he is a narcissist?

Ask a man born between mid-July and August if he attaches importance to astrology and horoscopes, and he will usually answer that he does not believe in horoscopes and firlefanz, “but I am zodiac lion”.

Similarly, you can do with narcissists.Ask you with narcissistic traits if he knows what narcissists are and it can happen that he straightens up and sits back and pushes his chin forward, and says,

“Yes, it may be that an above-average successful businessman like me has a dose of narcissism in him.We are already a particularly distinctive kind of human, assertive and not a victim!”

They also wear their armor and are therefore unaware that there is something wrong with the inability to have empathy.It helps men extremely well to underline their masculinity when they can suppress all feelings and sublimate with work. Which child didn’t learn to howl at school and instead focus on maths tasks – whether the hamster died or the beloved grandpa: showing weaknesses is collectively lost in school – boys even more violent as a girl. Who is surprised that successful socialization is often measured by the ability to separate suffering from suffering?

See there, a specialist has come forward and picked out statistics.Thank you Roland Bischof.

Answer by Roland Bischof to what question can one recognize a narcissist ?

Women are less likely to identify with over-the-age narcissism.They are more likely to like the role of the sacrificial family mum and are excellent at embarrassing and directing family and friends with feelings of guilt. Compared to children, these women can become ruthless rages; when the husband comes home, however, they pro forma hand over the scepter to it and apparently subordinate themselves.

Behind closed doors, they can be the tormentors of their children; outwardly, they will play a perfect, loving family for the neighbors.The children know how to behave and what grades they have to bring to their mum from school. They might act like robots for a trained eye, but as long as they put their feet under the ruler’s table in the house, they more or less have to give up their backbone. Such a woman can identify with Mother Theresa, but rather not see herself as a narcissist.

At home, our mother was the personality disturbed of the parents.When I came home at the end of seventh grade with poor grades in math and physics, my mother didn’t ask where the problem was and if I needed help. Instead, she told me that my inheritance might be reduced to the obligatory part.

Even before that, we had mainly carrots and sticks instead of motherly love: if I didn’t come home from my girlfriend in time in the evening, I had to apologize to my mother.She then sent me to my father to pick up a slap from him. But our father – unlike our mother – was not a narcissist. Giving slaps was hard for him. He then asked me to put myself in front of him so that he could visibly carry out our mother’s will. However, the arm movements were not appropriate for the actual blow: he cheated by making it look bad, but braked shortly before. In addition, I told my girlfriend the whole scenario the next day, giggling: he involuntarily closed his eyes almost every time before touching my head. Our father could not play the role our mother expected of him. In their eyes, he would have been a coward.

With friendly families, there hasn’t been a beating at home for a long time and our mother should have known better.Slaps have long been forbidden in schools! As a narcissist, however, she had no sense of it. She was all about power.

Even with the official medical certificate of personality disorder, our mother never understood that there was something wrong with her behaviour towards her children.

Donald Trump has been called a narcissist by an international group of psychologists: he dismisses it as “fake news.”You can tell any narcissist that he suffers from this disease. The reaction will always be: denial or pride.

Ouvertn narcissism does not (yet) fit the image of the modern woman.These are the covert narcissists in English.

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