What kind of relationship do you prefer: marriage, cohabitation, slats, an alternative or rather single? And why?

Being Single is pretty fun.Cohabitation is also quite fun.

At this moment in my life my preference is to live alone, but if I come across someone I like and I can do with it, I would be open to sharing my life with that person.

Cohabitation does not have to me, I like my own space and love to be alone.

Should I be sure that it clicks well and there is 100% compatibility, then I would marry the person, otherwise not.

Something I have ever seen on TV once was very interesting (each have a private living area-so own apartment/flat-under the same roof).

So each one apartment in a block of flats (preferably on the same floor).

Then you will see each other arranged, but you also have your own space.

That would provide an ideal solution for me.Because then I have my own space, but it is in the vicinity of the other.

It seems to me very nice and very liberating, and also healthy to live so, because you retain a certain distance and autonomy.

It’s not for everyone, but it does suit my current level of development and needs (regarding relationships).

Being away from each other can * do * so * well.It is really healthy and then heavenly when you see each other after having been apart for a while.

I know from experience, that if you can trust that other person and you know/feel that the other one really loves you, that so鈩?N way of living really works.

So it seems fascinating to live:).

My wife and I were married when we had two children.The marriage had nothing to do with love-because that was fine-but everything with the notary. When we wanted to buy a house, the notary pile was very high, and expensive! By marrying everything was arranged at once, and free of charge…

The confirmation is therefore that a marriage is an economic commitment for everything. Love does not attract anything from 芒 鈧?虄the shape 芒 鈧劉 in which you pour it.In our society, 芒 鈧?虄just Trouwen芒 鈧劉 so many advantages that you almost do not escape. Or you have to be very idealistic. But a man is also sometimes just practical.

Slats.Own space and more direction on my own life, but it is the opportunity to do fun things together. Also (not insignificant) the ability to see each other here as it does not go.

Open/poly, with 1 person slats.

Because I have nothing against more partners, (consider myself as ambiamorous) but do not need any more permanent someone in MN house

Actually I am happy with how my life is now sticking together.Two weeks a month I live alone in my cottage in the countryside and together in the city for two and a half weeks. There I live with my partner in a decent house, where we each have a bedroom with bathroom as well as a work room, plus a shared living room. By far the most time we spend together. He is more of a City man and I love it in the solitude between the woods and the fields.

We live together with children, for a long time.That is especially to me and to my deep dislike of the intensely complacent civic trutness and the unsolicited calendar wisdom that would certainly be part of me given my background (petit-bourgeois).

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