What kind of psychological techniques do people who are good at manipulation use to manipulate others effectively?

The techniques I know are

  • Empathy.

This is definitely the best technique, but also tremendously difficult. Empathy is not so much inpathy, but listening. People like to talk and be heard tremendously.The difficulty with listening is that you also want to talk yourself. I do not write for nothing much on Quora, because I continue to listen a lot. Funny last in a conversation with a knowledge. I want to say something in two points, but at the second point he said ‘ Let me, I know those stories of you ‘. Essentially, he meant ‘ keep your mouth and let me talk ‘. I’m in a Spanish speaking environment. First I couldn’t speak and I was hugely popular. Now that I know the language better, I also want to speak and then walk against a wall ‘ keep your mouth and let me speak ‘. Of course, as a listener, you can also talk, but only as a complement to what the other is saying. Don’t you think? Don’t agree with me? Clever of me huh! Am I not terribly good? ‘ The primary life needs of every human being is affirmation, attention. As babies and toddlers we get far too little attention, because all that questions for attention must be ignored from an educational point of view, so later, when we are older, we are in need of our frustrated attentiveness. (Incidentally, it’s funny that the technology does know a solution here, because the smartphone gives 100% attention)

  • Threaten and force.
  • You can also sell something by frightening people. ‘ If you don’t do this or that, something terrible can happen. If you do not join the Postcode lottery and your zip code falls, you will be horribly off. Have you seen it too, that nice gentleman, he played three lottery tickets and now has won a fortune. ‘ This capitalizing on fear ignores the reality that most people who do not play along every month win again. ‘ Luckily, again no price on my zip code. ‘

  • Make people insecure.
  • Show and punish affection in an unpredictable pattern. 芒 鈧?虄I love you very much. I hate you. I can not do without you, do not let me in the lurch. What are you a misbaking anyway, if you give me this one more time fliks then… 芒 鈧劉 due to sufficient childhood trauma most people here are extra receptive to this.

    In this manipulation, the central point is always the focus of the other.What does the other want? Of course, that’s just attention and love. You can get this attention and love when you sign up at www.aandachtenliefde.nl.So you sell your product.

    In the other technique you actually grow a much stronger dependence.”You do what I want, because otherwise…” Often this also goes wholeheartedly. Here you knead the other as it were to your image, but the best you also consider the wishes of the other. Rewards really do have to be rewards. A good example is the Russians during the Stalinist terror. What did they not loved Father Stalin!

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