What kind of people arenot suitable for a good spouse?

Hmm.Listen to your belly.

A man with addictionism is not a good choice, whether it’s drugs, alcohol or gambling.They tend to relapse and must reach their low point before admitting a problem. They also lie and manipulate. Not a trip you want to be on.

A man with a history of violence and anger problems.Important warning signal. Life is full of challenges and frustrations. You don’t want to end up as a sandbag or worse.

A man who is very jealous and controlling.Someone who wants to know where you are every minute of the day and who you are with. May seem flattering at first, but over time it gets worse.

A man with a history of being a female hero or a fraudster.The cat does not let the mouse.

A man who is unkind to others.Cold, cruel, careless. Watch out for how he deals with his family, children, co-workers, neighbors, and pets. Does he have compassion? Is it warm? Does he have a good heart?

A man who is intolerant.Does he have many prejudices? Does he hate different groups, religions, races? Someone who is tolerant and accepting is a much better life partner.

A man who has no sense of humour and cannot laugh at himself and the world.My husband and I have been through so much over the last 30 years, and it really helps that we laugh at the same things. We were on the verge of collapsing due to stress, and we looked at each other and burst with laughter. When things look bleak, a laugh can be a lifesaver.

A man who wants a completely different life than you. You should want similar things.If you want children and he doesn’t….. This is not good. If it’s his dream to live in a log cabin in Alaska and you’re dreaming of a condominium in New York, that’s not good. You will end up annoying each other.

A man with very different values.Is it moral? Is he lying, cheating others, stealing? You want to be able to trust your husband and be proud of him. You don’t want to find out that he’s involved in sneaky business, cheating family members, exploiting people.

A man who does not do his best and is irresponsible.Life will put many stones in your way. You want a man who does everything in his power and is not a pusher. It may not all end rosy, but you know he really tried.

A man whose words do not fit his deeds.Watch what he does, not what he says. When his mouth says, “I love you,” and his actions say otherwise, you know the truth.

A man who is overly attached to his family.When you get married, there has to be a compromise that honors both families. Your marriage and your new family must come first. If his family mistreats you, he must intervene on your side.

A man who does not handle money responsibly.It’s a major reason why couples separate. You have to agree on how to handle the money. Debt, irresponsible expenses, inability to pay bills…. can destroy a marriage.

A man who doesn’t want you to continue your education, a good career, hobbies and leisure activities.A man who loves you will want you to be happy and fulfilled and the best version of yourself. He should encourage and support your dreams. I was unexpectedly the breadwinner in our house when we were struck by unexpected health problems and other events. We were lucky that I did it! You never know what could happen.

A man who is too preoccupied with external appearances.Does he spend a lot of time hosting a show for others? Complaints about your weight, clothing, hairstyle, makeup? Does he spend hours cleaning himself out? Does he want luxury items just so he can impress others?

A man who brags.A self-confident man doesn’t need to brag or talk endlessly about himself. He knows his own value. Self-confident people are humble and reserved. There is nothing more attractive than a good man who is humble.

A man who is indiscreet.You need a partner who is discreet and knows when to keep his mouth shut and keeps private things private. Can you trust him if you tell him something in confidence?

There’s probably more, but that’s just come to mind.

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