What kind of engine is suitable as the first engine?

[“This depends on so many factors.
Physique, any experience, what should these serve,…?
My first engine was (and still is) a Yamaha XT660X (2 ‘ The I’m working on).I am 1.90 m tall and do 80% commuting to 17km some drive with some traffic jams on the way. Because of my body length, at least 60% of the engines fall away. And to be honest, a highpoter is the ideal bucket for me. This one is 170kg empty and you can almost start driving like a bike. You’re right and have a good overview of what’s going on for you. This is a mono block and so nice torque at the bottom of the RPM. I have already ridden 110,000 km in total with this model and slowly a voice begins to say in me that it is time for change. Now I start looking at highpoters of +-1000cc and preferably a 2-pitter. I have it so not with the behavior and sound of the 4-pitters. Recently, the Yamaha MT-09 SP and the Triump Tiger Explorer (1200cc 3-pitter) have been tested. These are nice but a 1200 is me too much for my commuting. Preferably I would drive the KTM 990 SMT, but they haven’t been making them for a while. So search the 2 ‘ the hands market.

“,” Buy an engine that you can pay, in a broad sense.One that you don’t mind, if you go down a little, or the thing falls over when parking, turning or stepping (that happens).

A somewhat older engine is easier and cheaper to maintain, and (second hand) parts are cheap and good to get.If you do something unfriendly once, as a starting tinkerer, that damage is also good to pay.

The aforementioned Yamaha Diversion 600 is a nice example, like the Honda Transalp 600.If you like sportier engines, a Suzuki SV650 might be fun. As mentioned, physique and length determine which engine is nice.

Rent some different models, for example via Motoshare, and drive a little longer than a test ride.Many motorcycles ride the first half hour nice, impressive, but turn out to be very tiring or uncomfortable.

Also experience the difference in sight and sitting position between a touring motorbike, Allroad, naked and Supersport.Experience the difference between a single-pitter like a Yamaha XT, two cylinders like a TDM (line), Transalp (V-twin), or a four-cylinder (Diversion, CBR600).

Many novice motorcyclists are very sensitive to the appearance of the engine, and the ‘ type ‘ engine has to fit in completely with what the rider wants to show.Fact is that the non-motorcyclists really do not care anything on what engine you drive. Don’t make yourself a prisoner of ‘ lifestyle’ considerations and choose the engine that drives you, not the one you let stand because driving is actually too much hassle.

Buy an engine that gives confidence and lets you learn to drive better, not the engine that actually drives fear, or is too high. Take an engine with which you dare to take a besides or gravel once, where you can easily get on and off, and where you dare to do the special operations.

Do not buy a heavy super sports right? That goes with you to get the…

A first engine is of course also a matter of taste, but a Yamaha Diversion is a fine first bike, everything is easy…

After a year of experience just on different types of test and make a personal choice…

I have been driving 37 years of motor and still have a lot of fun!

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