What is your worst memory of a hotel?

Far too overpriced “luxury hotel” on Lake Constance.I’m not going to name any, because when I left an anonymous and really fair, not in any way offensive review on TripAdvisor after what went on, a nasty comment came right away and we got a letter (so they knew who), they would contact us with a lawyer. threaten if you do not remove the rating. I was there with my mother. It was run by a family, actually owned by the daughter, but the mother was practically the boss for financial reasons, etc. It was advertised as a bio/ eco hotel, in front of the house stood the fat Porsche of the husband (who was still the nicest of the family), yes very ecological. Then the family was not there and the cleaning lady showed us our room. Was quite nice, bathroom just separated by glass and relatively small we thought for a superior room. We set up and went to the city for a bite to eat. There was only breakfast in the hotel. Then when we came back my mother was first mega made down by the “chief”. We would be in the wrong room, why we hadn’t noticed this (from the photos from the internet) and that she had intentionally given the wrong number (of course not, my mother only had the +49 at the mobile number at Booking.com: The largest selection of hotels , homes, and vacation rentals, and that was then double).We should immediately leave the room and go to a smaller one. It was really like she was really groaning at us. My mother, otherwise so quick-witted, was really ready after this “conversation”. So we went to a much smaller room, where you could hear the noise from the laundry room or something all night. Well, after the start, of course, the mood tipped. Since it was a very small family hotel, one met naturally and especially at breakfast, was very funny mood, so false niceness. My mother also addressed the conversation again, but also there only doofe feedback. She also shared the handling of booking .com with but there was also no help and in the middle of the summer to find another room there so quickly was also not easy, leaving was also doof, we had driven extra ten hours. There wasn’t really anything about organic, the breakfast was a pure fall. There was nothing for vegans. In the garden you would be spying all the time. Then there is the “sue” for the valuation. I took her out of the way, of course, but if you look at the hotel again, you see a lot of bad comments, for example, a woman who was overweight, who was not allowed to sit on the garden chairs because she was too heavy, etc. Company. So really it was extremely expensive and then something like that. We tried to make the holiday nice anyway. But once and never again to this family that the company is still standing, maybe because people like us before do not read the reviews.

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