What is your opinion of democracy?

It is said that democracy is the least evilof all forms of government.

-I would veto this very firmly!

Here are a few observations on the subject, with which I will probably go on thin ice, but that is okay, because constructive criticism is more than welcome!Spare me with this aluhut-carrier-wash.

Do people need any form of government at all?It seems that civilizations are comparable to sheep that need a shepherd, otherwise they will sink into chaos. I would only agree to this to a limited extent, but we want to accept this assumption for the time being.

The above also points to the problem that I have with the relevant form of government: democracy is the rule of the majority.What is wrong with the majority? I maintain that the masses are largely ignorant, always go down the path of least resistance and are very easy to manipulate, for which we find more than enough examples in history. I do not believe that this is a natural characteristic, but has only developed in the last few thousand years.

The manipulability of the masses leads us directly to the power of the media.Whether or not our leading media are in the hands of certain groups, let’s face it. The fact is that the media form public opinion. (-is that so?) This, in turn, is likely to influence the election results. So whoever, for whatever reason, should have an interest in manipulating the election results must do nothing more than buy the leading media. And let us be honest: no one can deny that there are people who have every right to gain and maintain power.

In addition, unfortunately, today we are faced with the problem that our media mercilessly flood us with tons of low quality content every day.The clich茅, which unfortunately has something to offer: the average citizen comes home completely exhausted after a long day at work, squats in front of the box and takes care of the scrap offered to us by broadcasters such as RTL, Sat1, Pro7 and the like (also including memes , trivial YT compilation garbage, feeds(facebook, insta, etc.)). Anyone who is still wondering that people are falling into peasant-catching parties seems to be living in a different reality.

Moreover, the mere possibility that our leading media are corrupt makes the same presumption with regard to our politicians.And those who do not allow themselves to be bought run the risk of being defamed by these same media.

But we do not want to be flat-rate!There is hope, because my feeling tells me that critical thinking is currently experiencing a renaissance.

Enough of the criticism!-Instead of giving your responsibility/voice once every four years, hoping they can sort it out, you could just take responsibility for your immediate circumstances and find out how to live.spread positive energy in your environment.

In other words, they have no power over us if we practice renunciation and eat as little as possible of the poison with which they feed us daily.

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