What is your opinion about women who are not shaving?

Yeah right, the real woman has to be completely smooth, without pain on heels can walk, have curves that can withstand gravity, eat everything cozy and not arrive gram.Women are normal people just like everyone else and they don’t have to meet anyone else’s estetic requirements at all.

The question is rather incomplete.And also a bit crooked, but that aside.

I see that there is someone who starts over a mustache.But “those who do not shave” can also go over the legs, or over the pubic area, or the armpits…

In all cases, the answer of Anna Kesselman is, of course, correct, but it is an answer to another question, namely whether we can find something of it… And the question is “what do you think of it?”

What I think?
There are I think better methods to rid you as a woman of unwanted facial hair.I do not actually know women who are afflicted with facial hair and who do not do anything about it, but I also do not know women who have so much facial hair that it stands out immediately. If it did, I think I would find it less attractive.

When it comes to shaving the legs: that differs per woman.My wife is blond, so what is already on the leg, you see nothing of it unless you sit with your nose on top of it. I can’t sit with it. But if a woman would have just as much hair on the legs as I would, I would find that absolutely less attractive.

Then the (harder) subject of the pubic area: (How will I formulate that once civilized?)
I think it is important to make sure that it is kept a bit in any case when it gets out of hand.If I have the idea that I have to make a way through a knife, it will soon be less pleasant. I still hate flossing (if you catch my drift). In fact, it seems to me that women are also not comfortable to face a Rasta Cup down there.

Armpit hair?That bothers me (crazy enough?) not unless it is a jungle. That in deodorant-commercials women always dance up with the arms I find extraordinarily unnatural.

That it is entirely their choice?

I always think that a mustache is very special but never flattering with a woman and then wonder if there really is nothing to do about it and what it is all about.

Whether it is genetically determined or nutrition related, that someone may not see it themselves or that it may be a lack of personal care is possible.But above all I feel a slight pity. You will only have a mustache as a woman. Seems to me tremendously annoying. But well, a beard is worse. That is even less common.

Fortunately, everywhere is a market and everyone can know for themselves.You really only need 1 in life so that will succeed.

Nothing wrong with that, probably they have something better to do.

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