What is your opinion about the #DOESLIEF online campaign?

Seems like a good initiative.The question is whether it will have a real effect on the people it is supposed to speak to. I have great doubts about that.

Seems to me a charity what they pursue.All I have to say, I wonder what the target is. From me you will not find any messages that Does not want to solve. I am here for positive and constructive impulses. I’ve had some interactions with others on Quora that we didn’t agree with. However, I believe that I do so with respect for the other and therefore positions.

I don’t see how I or anyone else will be better off to insult or humiliate someone.There are apparently people who see the value or usefulness of it, or such a campaign that is going to improve, I have my doubts.

Not daring is always lost, let us in any case hope that it brings what:-).

I accidentally came across this campaign not online, but at the beginning of March 2019 on TV.At the between I ended up at the Omrop Frysl芒n. I never actually look at this, but I was attracted by the hashtag #DOESLIEF in letters and one young lady named Joyce with dark hair. It was an interview and I found the language interesting, it was a mixture of Dutch and Frisian. It sounds pretty nice anyway.

#DOESLIEF at Omrop Frysl芒n [1

Although I don’t speak Frisian, I was able to follow the conversation anyway.

Of course I have heard this language before, but I have never been silent.

What do I think of this SIRE campaign? [2 I think this is a good idea and I applaud it personally.This may sound clich茅, but I have noticed that the society is rented. [3 It’s only a drop on a glowing plate, but all the bits help.

This is my opinion on that, thank you for asking me this question C茅line D茅camps (Quora user).


[1 REPO: Does Sweet

[2 SIRE | #doeslief | campaign

[3 ‘ leased from childhood learned ‘

Haven’t seen the videos on SIRE are dead….. but the idea that loutish doesn’t hear behavior appeals to me, just doubt if it works.Most similar campaigns are too “BRAAF”, although the PDO seemed to work. A more aggressive and younger marketer put on it?
Many online is reasonably anonymous….

Such action can never hurt, but people with a short fuse, uncarved bastards and bullies have an inner urge to be ‘ not loving ‘.You don’t change that with a hashtag. Such a campaign only affects people who actually love seeing. They’re going to do something better.

At the Weteringcircuit is a great diversion, and there are people to lead the many cyclists and trams in good jobs.Inspired by the campaign, I decided to greet them very sincerely instead of cycling and my cheerful “Good Morning” was received with a wide smile. Imagine that more people are cheerfully saying good morning, how can your day go?!

My opinion?Good initiative! I’m joining!

Stuck in good intentions, that’s the first thing I think about in the spot of this campaign.It is whether you have a horde of notorious bullies that clearly have fun with their Gesar, asks: but would you do that?

This campaign seeks to reduce in an anti-authoritarian way one of the most damaging outlawed of anti-authoritarian education, namely hufteriness and vandalism.So this never works.

What works: to tolerate her sharply and without contradiction, to show where the boundaries lie in the same behaviour.And who does not want to hear, must feel.

Good initiative, pity that it is necessary and whether it works should yet prove.

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