What is your opinion about psychopaths?

Psychopaths are afflicted by an extreme greed and megalomania.With their anti-social personality disorder, they become a danger to people and fellow creatures.

Only psychopaths are able to capture and exploit human beings as slaves without any sense.Only psychopaths are interested in serfdom and predatory wars to increase their wealth. It does not matter whether, as in the First World War, 17,000,000 dead + crippled, wounded are to be mourned. In World War II with 50 to 80,000,000 deaths + crippled. Psychopaths net lies and manipulation in order to gain advantages, as can then be seen at the monuments in old cemeteries: Died as HELD for the people and the fatherland and the next war can therefore begin again.

Recent examples: The psychopathic FINANZ-ADEL – gang owners cheer the money of savers in the USA.Instead of being held accountable with all the assets (rental houses, lands, shares in arms companies), political KNECHTE has been used in time for centuries. They have passed on the damage to taxpayers, as they say, to two or more generations.

Instead of protecting people from exhaust fumes, they simply invented software to deceive.

I am currently analysing the structures of psychopaths in an Asian country.Lawyers are psychopathically active. Trial delay – if 1 or 2 hearings were needed, 30, 40, 50 hearings are constructed, which of course have to be paid for and by legal coercion one has even moved on from the judges to construct regional court syndicates to construct the funds to Police officers forgive them to “ask” their subordinates to construct criminal cases with lies. You just walk through the streets and you get arrested for “attacking” a policeman, etc. Etc.

Psychopathic leaders in the economy have no qualms about exploiting the work animals under price.The psychopathic POLITICAL KNECHTE have no conscience to meet the demands of the psychopathic FINANZ-ADELS. As an example, the largest German media company wants to retain its media sovereignty and advises the government to curb the investigation among Facebook friends. Those who turn out negatively on Facebook must be controlled, so the government/parliament has decided to impose heavy penalties on FB if the FB friends do not control in order to prevent so-called hate speeches. Basically, however, this is about torpedoing enlightenment and mutual information. Psychopaths then cleverly brought in the media company his daughter Avarto as a Facebook controller against good pay on Facebook.

Today, one can recognize with modern X-ray technique who is psychopath and in case of psychiatric abnormalities one should examine such persons and off into the reserves or as the Chinese do with psychopaths …..

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