What is your nickname on work/among friends and where does it come from?

Like Martijn, I especially thought of names.Seems to be a thing among spectrum goers (I don’t speak for Martijn!).

For me it is mainly because I just remember the people so.
I give them the name that lights me up in my head, sometimes an association is so strong that it simply overwrites the name.

I myself am called Peanut at home.That has several reasons. I am Indonesian-less than a quarter I believe, but still enough to be brown where you sit. My colleague said last ‘ young I see you wont be brown! ‘ In addition, there was a series on TV peanut and Gherk. My son said ‘ hey that’s you guys! ‘ against my husband and me. Since then we are peanut and Gherk according to him.

To share some names.At school I was a boy who I had called ‘ Two Black Holes ‘. He was a lot longer than me. When he stood in front of me I only saw two big round nostrils.

Oh and there is a manager.A little man who sometimes suffers a little from megalomania (according to the people around it). At first I called him Napoleon, but later decided that this name was very large for such a small man. Then I called him the little captain, after the book of Paul Biegel.

There was also once a female colleague who could be very angry.Of themselves. You know, of those people who talk and when they hear their own words are still bad. This lady was called battery in my head.

Just for clarity.This all happens in my head. I would love to share this with the directly connected people, but that’s not great I find myself. Then it becomes one thing and people are going to pour it into an ugly form, while that is not at all what is happening in my head. With me, it just pops up a word describing the behavior.

At home, of course, I can all say that.With the same disclosure of course (and at the table is simply ABN spoken).
Sometimes I doubt if people could do us according to if we talked our own lingo outdoors.I can often not come up with words (when I am over-stimulated), and that creates new words. New words that may not even be so new. They are mostly literal. Like ‘ Give me a prikker ‘.

Fork.’ Scoopy ‘ for spoon. Cheese scraper, cheese slicer. Attract your dekkie. Your jacket.
My son often has to laugh ‘ What are you saying again?! ‘-then I hear him call him hard against my husband ‘ Mama says you have to do your dekkie! ‘
And so it goes without saying.

Sometimes there are also just words that I find nice to use ugly.
So I read on the back of a pack of chicken carves (as we call it-someone saw wire steel?) ever that they are called Poulycroc in French.A crispy Kippetje. Glad to be my husband’s raced (he thinks that kind of thing just like me fantastic -also lives somewhere on the spectrum;))


The first next that cut us in the car was so: a BACKWARD POULYCROC!

I mainly invented nicknames.

For instance, in elementary school (school year 1990芒 鈧?”1991), I had a teacher who had black curls and a mustache and who was nicknamed ‘ Saddam Hussein ‘. I believe he eventually came back and couldn’t really appreciate it. At least he had a good dick on me.

That illustrates how much you have to beware with nicknames.If they catch up and the mentioned name can’t appreciate it (and most nicknames are not really positive) then you have a problem.

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