What is your most incredible experience in an airplane?

On a holiday flight from Cyprus back to the Netherlands, a group of about 8 disabled people with two guides on board was helped shortly before departure.

After ground-staff had helped the people and the unit had departed some people had to go to the toilet.

Including a somewhat older man who, as a result of his disability, literally and figuratively could not stand on his own feet.

On all fours and with pants that had fallen from his butt which allowed rows 1 through 15 to have a view of his entire back he crawled over the narrow middle path towards the toilet.

Since the toilet was not free he had to wait on all fours and with one of his fallen butt pants.

He didn’t seem to like it myself or it did not matter.

And the Escorter?

It was so funny that she grabbed her phone and photographed the incident and/or filmed it with the remark “Hihihi, there he goes again” and she further deeed herself in candy-crush on her ipad.

This incident repeated itself on the flight back to the Netherlands once or three.

I thought it was mostly human-degrading.

My American colleague runs the cockpit of a 737 and greets the co-pilot with an enthusiastic Yo Willy!!And sits on the captains chair. I walk quietly in the back and see Willy sitting there. In His spare time also known as His Royal Highness King Willem-Alexander der Nederlanden芒 鈧?娄..

The pilot called for us to be approaching Hong Kong and that the landing was so deployed.I put my chair straight and clicked my strap. The Chinese cabin crew walked off the lines for a final check.

We went to land.

From nowhere a woman, who was sitting in front of us on the window side, began to scream.“Help, Help Help”, called a man who was in front of her.

People unclicked their belts and stood up to see what was going on.“I think this is not the intention,”I said to my sister next to me.

People started talking interchangeably.Some walked through the aisle. A man opened all the luggage rooms above the chairs. My mother called him to close the doors, as we were landing.

The Chinese cabin crew emerged irritated.”Sit down.Please sit down. Sir, sit down. Madam “, they were blowing the passengers.

“But We need water”, shouted a man and climbed his chair to grab his bag out of the luggage compartment.

“Sir, we have water.Sit down. Sit down “, shouted the steward.
The cabin crew stretched to the ground and helped a woman stand.

The woman looked happy with a smile and said in Dutch: “I’m going to sit again differently.”

After we had landed, I understood that the woman suddenly became ‘ zen ‘ during the country.Something in her said she had to ground, but because we were in the air the airplane floor was the nearest piece of Earth. That’s why she was lying down. It felt right.

She later added that she did this more often.

I often flew with small planes to be able to find animals with transmitters (lions, cheetahs, wild dogs) for my work.In an area we often flew with an Aeroprakt microlight. Pilot flies, I do the tracking, and often we fly low and slowly (the stalling alarm we could dream say). Very small space where you are rather folded up. While I was busy with my receiver to check different channels, for the different animals, I bumped with my knee against the contact key and promptly knocked off the engine! Luckily the pilot had a quick reaction and turned the engine back on the first attempt.

Another time, with the same aircraft and the same pilot, the pilot had sealed the kerosene supply of one of the wings to bring the plane more into balance.The tanks, sitting in the wing and with the many circling what we do draint one tank often, faster than the other and becomes one side heavier. The lever to open or close the supply is about behind your head, one behind the pilot, one behind the passenger. A few minutes later he repeats the act but now on the other side. I don’t letter it because I was busy searching for a wild dog. A minute later, the engine starts to simmer a bit, and very quickly shocks. The pilot looks at me first with big eyes, and then quickly grabs behind my head to convert the lever of the kerosene, and then behind his own head to also open that lever again!

Another time an engine malfunction in a Cessna, but it continued to do so until we landed.Some almost collisions with vultures and once with an airplane which popped out of nowhere and did not communicate on any channel.

A flight from Brussels Zaventem to Milan Linate.Above the Alps, the pilot said there was some turbulence to be expected. And how! Plane began to sway more and more from left to right. And also up and down (however an Airbus 320 no Cessna 172!). A REAL rodeo! It was dead quietly in the cab. It became so bad that a few lifejackets came under the seats and started rolling around in the hallway. Then, an eternity later, the pilot put the plane safely down on the runway, erupting a thinking applause. What an experience!

Flight AMSTERDAM-Australia in the years 70 with stopovers in Singapore.

It was cold at night in the plane so to ask a blanket to the stewardess.Next to me was an attractive blond young woman who was traveling to Singapore. We came into conversation and from the one came the other with the result that she has blown me under the blanket one. The fellow passengers had gotten that much bit of it because after she had stepped out in Singapore and I only continued my journey, I was asked where my wife was and I could only explain that this was the first time in my life and probably also The last thing I had seen her and briefly learned. I will never forget her.

The “Case Mohammed”: nervousness and indecision of cabin crew and Commander!

As a slap excuse, it may be that it was exactly on the date that ten years earlier on the infamous 9/11 in 2001 a few terrorists had flown into the WTC in New York.

Afijn, so it was 11 September 2011 and exactly on that date I flew back to Amsterdam after a short holiday with a group of friends from Kenya.

Those nasty date… everyone was a bit tense: airport staff, pilots, cabin crew… When it was time to leave, the plane remained, not an explanation… Until the stewardess spoke the dreaded words in the microphone: “Is there a doctor on board?”.

I popped away, but there was no escape: All my group of friends stood up and pointed at me.The crew needed urgent advice, because one of the passengers, accidentally called Mohammed, did a little strange. He had epilepsy. Was there a chance that he would get an attack? What could I recommend them as a physician? I said: “Best possible, Madam, but no need, he has the good medicine with him and has taken it.”

The stewardess: “But he does a little weird.” I: “Oh well, Madam, no wonder, because he has that epilepsy because they have cut away a tummy from his frontal lobe, that means that he may seem weird, but in fact a normal human being, nothing is going on.And in the first aid case you still have enough Valium syringes, just in case something would happen? You know me to find if it is necessary. “

That last remark by me did not really feel comfortable.I pulled back into my chair because in the dissolving of fresh young doctors that had formed I felt like pensionado not really needed anymore. From my chair I heard how it stayed quiet for a while, then again all sorts of druis and after a whole time we went up.

After a refreshing sleep I was invited by the grateful stewardess for a drink in the pantry and after some cosy kout about our children I asked how it actually ended with Muhammad.Well, eventually the commander had called the medical Service at Schiphol and the man was put on board. That had made him infuriated, from the walkway he had called evil: “I hope you will collapse with all of us!”

Without flying into one skyscraper, we reached Schiphol safely.However, an experience richer again.

In a MD11 on departure 芒 鈧?”a toilet that did not want to flush left behind.

Little pad and hindered 芒 鈧?”there are scoops of things that have stopped.

Yet before leaving for Oslo, there was a seemingly civilised and good-looking Norwegian boy of a year or 30 to dredge his nose and eat the harvest.I don’t know if I became more sick of that fact in itself, or that he apparently found it normal to do so. Incidentally, his girlfriend also sat next to him. Was seriously kotsnauseous of the sight, which was a good distraction from my fear of flying.

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