What is your idea of content marketing?


For me, content marketing is the method of making customersfans.From potential and existing customers.

This means that they are no longer only interested in satisfying their material needs, but are emotionally connected to a provider/brand.

To understand the power of content marketing, it’s important to know the difference between push and pull marketing.

Push vs. Pull Marketing


Originally, in classic marketing, push marketing meant increasing theoffer.So the marketer wanted to push goods into the market. Therefore, its measures were concentrated on trade. They tried to be as broad and frequently in the market as possible (i.e. to be listed on large retail chains) so that customers could not get around the brand.

Pull Marketing took care of the demand.An attempt was made (with advertising, sales promotion, sponsorship, etc.) to generate as much interest as possible from the customer, so that the customer demands the goods so that they attract (pull).

In online marketing, the demarcation of tools is no longer quite true.

Today, the marketer (if he wants) has a much more direct access to the customer.The availability of products is higher, e.g. because the scarcity of shelf space online is not a factor.

Advertising, however, is ubiquitous and it is difficult to escape it.It interrupts the Internet user at his current employment and is generally perceived as disturbing. Sometimes he can even pay to not see any ads…

Therefore, I would rather place online advertising in the stock of push tools.

Content marketing, on the other hand, is a pull tool.

What is content?


I can’t clearly define what’s considered content here – for me, it’s all that delivers the famous added value.And added value is different for everyone. Sometimes it’s hard facts, sometimes it’s entertainment.

But whatever is true, it is for the targetgroup.This is trained, entertained, coached, informed, involved…

This seems altruistic – but it is not. The ultimate purpose of content creation is to market paid products.

Content marketing makes use of the law of reciprocity, among other things.

This roughly states:

No one can bear to stand endlessly in the guilt of another.Whoever ever takes wants to give at some point.

With content you try to pay positively into a relationshipaccount.At some point, the recipient has learned so much from the content creator that he likes to give something back (a Like, a Recommendation, Trust, an Order…).

So content marketing generates gratitude.

Furthermore, content marketing increases its expertstatus.

This is, of course, easier said than done.The more popular content marketing becomes, the more demanding the audience becomes. However, those who publish really good content are perceived as an instance.

Content marketing thus also generates competencetrust.

By the way, this does not mean that the content must always be free of charge.

Even greater confidence and still gratitude is given for (good) low-priced info products.This can be an e-book for 2.99鈧? an online course for 10,00鈧?or similar.

Through this content I shorten the threshold to my main revenue.

In your book “The Time of Smart Experts”, Brigitte and Ehrenfried Conta Gromberg present the concept of the product staircase.(A great book by the way)

A business concept should therefore not have only one product.

The customer needs several contact points to build trust (customer development).It starts at the lowest level by reading a blog post. He then climbs to the next level and subscribes to the newsletter.

Gradually, it comes to the main product via low-priced offers (in the middle of the stairs).For premium customers, there should also be exceptional offers at the top.

Content marketing at the lower levels thus generates brand trust andreach.

Who needs content marketing?


I say it is worthwhile for most companies.Even if it is not looking for new customers.

In this article, I described 10 benefits of content marketing:

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How do I spread my content?


Traditionally, you try to increase traffic on your website by means of SEO measures.SEO, however, is very complex.

For beginners, I therefore recommend contacting a professional (if it makes any sense) or finding alternative ways.In this article, I have described 3 ways:

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I hope that was helpful



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