What is your honest opinion on the AfD?

What is your honest opinion on the AfD?

For me, political decisions are made rationally and objectively.

BTW – On the Edge
Interesting the “admission” of Björn Sachse:

“Björn Sachse … Now I’m curious to see what the left-green bangs are all about!This will range from Nazi leg to world war fantasy! The 4th Kingdom becomes Aryan and Blue or something like that! Lol, now let’s get out, I’m looking forward to it like a flash bow!”

It’s strange how well the dressage worked:
“Bring it sticks” and it is brought.

For me, political decisions are made rationally and objectively, Björn Sachse.

Contrary to the usual handling, in the case of politics orPoliticians mMn not the packaging, but the content. It is not the promises that count, but the deeds. And they are also well known by the AfD, i.e. promises and deeds.

I am not going to repeat all the well-known “marked” sayings here.
Even if “get a while, sing … ” or the fantasies of Arppe (see below) with the “Löschkalk” are already worth a memory.

If you are interested, here is an “overview”:
We are AfD

These are, for example, the “acts” on which I – my personal decision – measure the AfD and its supporters.The eternal rumbling of fans and officials, how horrible and unfair one treats or evaluates the AfD, also plays a (small) role. And to “Arppe” I come back later, promised.

Now to everyday political life:
I remember a summer interview with Mr Gauland.On the usual political issues, he only knew how to say that the party does not yet have a concrete position or opinion or anything like that. And you will improve.

I that the AfD has delivered orwill be delivered.
Only: It is always delivered on demand.In other words, the AfD is rarely willing or willing to accept donations. ready to speak. So ready to speak in the sense of: Informed and sorted and willing to talk about it. What a pity. Because MY life consists only to a very small extent of migration policy. And on my issues, the AfD is rarely ready to speak. And if a politician can’t say ANYTHING about my issues, then I can’t take his party into account in my considerations – for example, in an election.

I find another circumstance equally worrying.And Mr. Arppe again plays a role in this – as promised: the so-called right wing of the AfD and the other loudspeakers and screaming necks of the AfD. Among the screaming necks is Mr. Gauland with his “We will hunt them … “. The screaming necks play a decisive and deplorable role in the AfD – in my opinion. In my opinion, the AfD has risen so successfully and so steeply because of the right wing and the screaming necks.

“You will still be allowed to say … ” became a hallmark of the AfD, supplemented by racist, homophobic and other dirt and garbage.A wake-up call for the fans: “Attention, something politically incorrect is now to follow. A taboo break, made by AfD, follows.” This reference to “Bring’s sticks” is desperately needed for the afD’s breedra supporters. But this is a different issue. Back to the screaming necks: these were and are important for the success of the AfD so far. They brought the necessary attention to public perception.
Only: Now, among other things, the AfD is interested in the protection of the constitution.Also because of the screaming necks. Thus, the screaming necks threaten to harm the entire party.

Imagine: Meuthen, Gauland and other officials are already clearly in the last (last!) third or vlt.even quarter of life. You think about your own retirement provision. And the pension provision by a mPs’ diet is certainly not bad. Although the money comes from the hated corrupt system, it is gladly taken. Not only the party, but also this pension is threatened by the screaming necks. So, in order to keep damage away from the AfD party, (with a wink) we are thinking about how to get rid of this wing and how to get rid of the screaming necks.

Whatever the AfD’s handling of, the wing and/or the screaming necks will.Neither with wings and screaming necks nor without this pack will the AfD become a party of my choice. Because she won’t do anything positive for me and my life situation. I count myself among the so-called “little people”. The vast majority in the country, which is neither rich nor poor. But it’s also not far from being really poor. For example, a nasty health problem would be enough for me to bring me a lot closer to poverty, closer than I would like. For all the topics that interest me and probably my social class the most. the AfD has nothing or nothing good to offer. The human cold that the AfD usually shows is reflected in the social cold ness of the AfD’s political program. There is nothing for the so-called “little people”.

BTW – Complementary

to Arppe:

He wants to send the red-green on the sheep and put the opponents of the New Right in Germany on the wall, then throw it into a pit and scatter the lime on top.In doing so, Arppe ultimately wants to imitate the actions of the German police battalions during the war of extermination in the Soviet Union.”

From right-wing populism to right-wing terrorism

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