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Marjellchen: Mommsenstr.9, 10629 Berlin(marjellchen-berlin.de

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Between Pillkaller and Nikolaschka

I don’t have an East Prussian mother or grandmother.The cuisine of this former German area is totally foreign to me. That has changed. My sweetheart and their relatives dragged me into the Marjellchen because they had ancestors who were implanting food in their memory that was unforgettable!

In the 13th century, OT Ordo Teutonicus, a Teutonic order of the German Knights in the course of Christianization with the help of swords, occupied the area of the 13 Baltic Prussian tribes.The Slavic language eventually disappeared through Germanization. How the Slavic tribes then mixed with the Germanic tribes, the East Prussian cuisine mixed. This is partly quite different from the German heartland.
As an appetizer, since the 19th century multi-course menus became fashionable, there used to be thin soups in Thuringia.In East Prussia, this thin soup was high-percentage grain with a slice of coarse liver sausage with mustard (pillkaller).

After 1945, as a result of the Yalta Conference (Stalin, Churchill), the Polish communists and Soviets threw out all the Teutons.Many ended up in Berlin and became Berliners. Their children and grandchildren still sometimes cook East Prussian today. The Roman Ramona Azzaro had also inherited such an East Prussian grandmother and various recipes from her. In Marjellchen, which means little girl, she professionally mixed the Berlin cuisine with the East Prussian cuisine.

I fed a delicious Masurian sour roast with green cloves and hearty charcoal, where the beef disintegrated on the tongue.The roast is more sour, hearty than the sour roast I know from my native Thuringia. I didn’t know the combination with charcoal. That softened the sour. My acquaintances smeared ham (East Prussian seduction), which are slices of mildly smoked country ham baked in a lush schmand sauce with fresh pell potatoes and cucumber salad.

The Marjellchen is a little narrow in the rear part and it is recommended to order a table for the front guest room.Some of the guests are not only general Berlin tourists but also insiders of The East Pessian cuisine. At the side table, an insider family over-enjoyed themselves with giant portions of Silesian Kingdom and Caraway Meat. For dessert, the tons of Nikolaschka, which is brandy with lemon slice and sugar, poured in a pinch of coffee in the neck.

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