What is your favorite tank and why?

Panzerkampfwagen VI “Tiger”

Already had long militarism as a hobby;-). The Tiger I is also a fine analogy for a certain personality, talents and weaknesses.

Together with the Junkers 88 and Messerschmitt 109 reasonably applicable to myself, hence.

The Tank is a hefty investment, in production and steel.A talentfull character. No nonsense, right in front of his turnip with maximum firepower and thick armor without tricks like slanted plates. Never attack a Tiger frontal! In the right conditions they can deliver top performance. Only fragile up close. The people you don’t expect to get a dagger in the back.

Logistics and maintenance is a nightmare, getting him on the front and talking is a whole task.Tiger tanks need a network and are late bloomers, if they are not dumped by their weak engine and malfunctions. In Optima forma a formidable opponent, which, however, is rarely the case. Tigers are less modern than the Panther tanks and function worse in the hectic and rules of modern society.

In addition to failures and fuel shortages, more Tigers have been eliminated by Allied planes than enemy tanks.Mentally vulnerable with limited motivation, stress and setback are often funest. Tigers are rare and are used as shock troops, who have to force a breach, backed by Panthers, after which the other panzers follow and finish the chore. Tigers are leaders and inspire and encourage others.


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