What is your favorite photo of you and your partner?

I have a few…. ha-ha.

In this picture we only knew each other for about a week.He was a wild kid and I rarely left my house. We were just friends.

That was when we were together for about a year.

We took this photo in his family’s backyard during a barbecue, I think. That was one of my favorite T-shirts and he always looked so good with his piercing. Which actually surprises me, because it’s not really my case with men – I still miss it.

I said yes here.

We had the cheapest wedding ever. The whole decoration was needed. My dress was borrowed. We rented the smallest community center we’ve ever seen. but….. I had to marry the guy. And I’m so happy.

That’s us while I was in labour.

This picture sums up our love quite accurately. This man is not a stone, he is a boulder. He is my best friend and the only one I can rely on. He was so compassionate.

That’s what we were last year for Mother’s Day.

We hadn’t had time for us (break in front of the kids, a date) for 2 years. But that day we went out for dinner together and then stopped at this little forest by our house before returning home. It was just so beautiful in these forests. The way the light shone through the trees was magical.

And that’s what we are this year.

We have been married for almost 8 years and I am grateful for every second I spend with him.

UPDATE: Here is also a picture of our children.

My two older boys are from a previous relationship, Mason is 11, Atticus is 10, and our youngest, August, is now 3.

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