What is your favorite movie?

Just like books, I can’t possibly limit that to a single film.It depends on the genre and the mood.

Here is a selection of the films that I regularly watch (genre alphabetically).

Attention: I haven’t seen any of the English-language films in German, so I can’t judge whether they are synchronized as well as in the original.

Documentary (unfortunately no German versions found)



  • A Fish Called Wanda with John Cleese, Kevin Kline and Jamie Lee Curtis
  • The Life Of Brian by and with Monty Python
  • 3 men in the snow with Paul Dahlke, Klaus Biederstaedt and Günther Lüders

    While the first two are funny to roar, the third film is rather smirily funny, but much more charming.


“The Convicted” tells the story of Andy Dufresne, who is innocently sentenced to 19 years in prison. After a novella by Stephen King.


Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks are just one of my absolute favorites.

Science fiction

In addition to “Terminator 2”, which at that time mixed up the special effects world and is rightly regarded as a classic, the other two films are clearly dropped. BUT they’re still one of my favorite movies because I find Will Smith funny and Day After Tomorrow is about a theme that’s very close to my heart (and the movie has great special effects).


Absolute cult all three.


“Play me the song of death” and “The one dancing with the wolf” are powerful with great music and ruthless in their statement.

“Two Bandits” is funny (at least in the original, I haven’t seen the German version) and is staffed with two of my favorite actors (Paul Newman, Robert Redford).

So I’m breaking off here now, even though I would have several other genres, but otherwise it will probably be too long.

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