What is your biggest struggle with procrastination and what are you doing to stop it?

Like many others, I had enough of it at a given time.Postpone (and adjust). I did not consider it efficient and it had more detrimental effects than advantageous. Logically you say, yes of course, but obviously not logical enough to leave it all that time for that. You can know things, but if you don’t feel it, nothing changes. I was done with it and I could also not do the things that like it.

How do you stop something you do that you don’t actually know why you’re doing?
You don’t.You can’t say to your brain and your thoughts ‘ stop that one process which I don’t what it is ‘. Then you get zero on rekest. So I’m going to investigate. Every time I feel the feeling of ‘ not now ‘ or ‘ I don’t feel like ‘ I have asked myself ‘ why not? ‘

I found out that ‘ not now ‘ was a very general translation/thought for very different things and that it could have different causes as well.

For example, the ‘ Lamlendige ‘ did not make sense.I experience that as I get out of my daily routine step (half-7 getting up, half hour cycling) over the weekend. If I come out of bed later and then I go to my dead breakfast I am totally lame at 12 o’clock. Just as I thought ‘ I’m going to relax ‘. That is no relaxation for me at all! To be able to relax I must first lose my energy. If I can’t get rid of it, I feel rotten. If I feel rotten, there is certainly nothing good about it! Do not hit the circle so.

Then there was also the ‘ not now ‘ that literally meant ‘ you have to do something else first ‘.As cope with a certain emotion that still hung there. For instance, there was a change that brought some disappointment with him. Fact is: that that happened there I could not change anything. I had already accepted that quite soon, but an emotion-that you really have to grab for a moment before you can let him go. I didn’t spend that time, I didn’t think it was worth it. Because of this, he kept a small shadow somewhere in the background about my time that was actually intended for relaxation.

The last and most insidious.The ‘ Not now ‘ that doesn’t say now because you actually should have done something else. I think it is the most common in tasks and chores that you don’t like. You had to vacuum the stairs, but that was so stupid that you cleaned up the kitchen and polished it to the shiny. End of the day, you still feel sucks because you didn’t do what you had to do, so you can’t give yourself credits for the kitchen either.

The cause of the ‘ don’t now ‘ figure out and immediately do something about it.

In the beginning you are consciously ‘ manually ‘ working on your thoughts and feelings.If you follow this process for a single time, your brain will pick it up and become an automatic process.

Now on Saturday morning if only a fraction of the thought “lounging in bed” appears on the horizon, this thought is as it were shot out of the air by my ‘ that’s the price not worth ‘ cannon.So I mentioned it.
It is a kind of calculator that I think everyone has, I have actively tinkered with, which according to my values is calculated or something okay or not.Laze on Saturday and then feel rotten? I don’t think that’s okay. Thought is being shot at patches.
If the cannon cannot make an estimation, that can sometimes if the subject has more hooks and eyes, I just receive the thought ‘ myself ‘ and I rate it.

This has helped me a lot, not only to attack my procrastination, but also to filter out other thoughts that were not useful.’ What if, suppose that ‘ is such a category. In fact, everything that prevented me from getting into action has managed to tackle it. Everything started at ‘ Why? ‘ and the setting ‘ Nothing is wrong, everything can be better. ‘

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