What is your best content marketing tip?

My best content marketing tip is a red action plan.One of the most common problems with editorial work is finding ideas for content creation. The RedAktionsplan is a helpful tool not only to collect suitable topics, but also to publish articles on time. In this article, I analyze existing methods of creating and replenishing the red action plan for a blog or Web page.

What should the plan contain?The structure of the red action plan depends on many factors, such as: type of blog, target group, personal preferences of the editor.Here are some examples that can be entered in the Red Action Plan:

  • Calendar week and date: When will the article be published.
  • Category or category to which the item fits.
  • topic or preliminary heading.
  • Type of article (interview, guide, study, news, guest post, rating list)
  • Author who writes the article or a person responsible for it.
  • Keywords and other SEO requirements.
  • Current status (write, review, publish, etc.).

First step: Finding ideas

Articles you publish should meet the needs and interests of your audience.This requirement is one of the most difficult to create the red action plan. The main thing is not only interesting topics to be found, but also to consider our own strategic goals: What should the article serve?

After this question is answered, you should start the topic search.We have collected some recommendations and methods for you.

Stay up to date with thematic communities and forums

Discussion forums and thematic communities are important sources of news, trends, and questions that you can use to create content.This looks very simple, you just need to know where your audience is.

Collect ideas as part of the plan:

  • Find platforms that are relevant to your niche: forums, social community (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), personal pages of experts, etc.
  • Regularly research posts, threads, and discussions to find out what questions your audience is asking.
  • Choose the right ideas for your blog or website.

Ask the right questions

There are numerous websites where you can ask others for something.

The most commonly used question-and-answer platforms include:

Enter the keyword in the search window and you will see questions asked by users about the search term.

When you analyze a keyword list for your niche in this way, you collect a variety of questions that your readers are interested in.

In Serpstat, there is an option that collects search suggestions in question form.These searches are ideally suited for article creation. Select a keyword from the previous report and open the “Content Marketing” section of “Search Questions”:

Thus, you get topics for your articles that are grouped by question words:

Lifehacks: To do this task faster, use the Batch Export option.

Enter the keyword list, select the “Only questions” option and click on “Export”. Already this step gives you a huge number of topics and ideas for content creation.

Alternatively, you can try the tool that free visual keyword research & content ideas tool to search for questions.

It also offers very nice visual representation:

Add all the questions you liked to the table.

Then create unique and enticing headlines that attract readers’ attention. Use the most relevant keywords to generate more traffic.

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