What is wrong with education in today’s society?

Roughly summed up, the education is too sensitive and too inconsistent.

Children are wrapped in cotton wool and kept away from all dangers.The last time I actually saw a mother with a boy about 4 to 6 years old in the playground shouting, “Don’t run, otherwise you’ll fall.” Another time I even saw a child with a crash helmet in the sandpit.

A child must learn to make his own mistakes.As a child, I had bruises and other minor injuries all the time because I fell down or fell down somewhere, it didn’t hurt me in the long run. On the contrary, I have learned not to be over-discouraged. Please do not misunderstand, they definitely remain in sight when their little child is playing to be able to intervene when it is about to do something really dangerous, such as running onto the street.

The worst thing about this “wrapping in cotton wool” attitude is not a “softening” of the children, but firstly that the children cannot learn from their mistakes and secondly, much worse, that the children’s spirit of discovery is blunted.If children are not allowed to discover the world, they are not concerned with how the world works. As a result, there is also less enthusiasm for science, which we observe in all schools. Parents should make sure that their 6-year-old son doesn’t run into the street so that nothing bad happens to him, but also allow him to climb on the branch at a height of one meter and possibly fall down so that he can discover the world.

The other major problem in education is inconsistency.Many children are no longer taught values and misconduct is simply tolerated.

A toddler’s brain is still in development, it’s not as intelligent as it will be in adulthood, so it needs guidance.You can’t rationally explain to a 10-year-old that he has to go to sleep now because he has to get up early the next morning.

Parents must, of course, give children more freedom over time, but this often happens far too soon.In my old school, for example, some things were constantly destroyed by vandalism. This is not because these children are inherently aggressive or violent, but because their upbringing lacks someone to disperse them from wrongdoing and show them how to do it. Many of our PC room keyboards would probably have been healed if the children had learned at some point that the best way to solve a software problem is not to smash the hardware, but to think quietly.

Education should not be the strenuous breeding of a “wish child” nor the laissez-faire raffle.Neither should a child be exactly carved like a statue, nor should it be left entirely to its own devices like a wildflower. The rules and prohibitions of parents should be pillars on which the character of the child can grow, but which do not hinder development. The former is often the problem: the children have never learned to behave socially.

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