What is White Trash, and is there such a thing in Germany?

Anyone can look up the formal definition on the net.

But I’ll tell you what ‘White Trash’ really is.

‘White Trash’ is the scum of humanity.

The scum of humanity that arises when foam bats reshape the world in their image to sip champagne and morally nose their noses at the barbecue or cocktail party over the economically flattened soil of their society as human garbage Hulls.
Underclass TV for semi-educated people.

The scum that threatens to spoil international business by clogging up the distribution channels for high-quality human resources and densifies the pr of international marketing.
This is despite the fact that, as we all know, the ungrateful US underclass has been eating stupidly and fatly at the business successes for decades.

The scum over which the foam bats tear their mouths.
It would be better if they would shoot lead instead of lithium into their mouths before talking about people in a way that no Nazi would dare to talk about migrants on Quora.

Is there ‘White Trash’ in Germany ?
No, because you don’t have the slightest idea what it means to be poor in the US and what it means here.
It is all cushioned and socially pedagogically supervised by everyone who opens up here by a generous social network, so that one can only shake one’s head at some whining.

The last time I met real ‘White Trash’ in Germany was in the mid-1970s in a sandbox of a slum in the north of Duisburg called a workers’ settlement.
A few years after these people were relocated here from their dwellings in the ‘Gleisdreieck’, some of them still nithutes from 1945, in settlements of the lower working class.
My shift.
Relocated from a slum called asiviertel.

They were even more uneducated than we were.
They lived in the social housing and got support.
They were dirty.
They stole.
They soffen more than we do.
And if one of Thyssen’s iron cutters wanted to stab something in between, their cracks were open all over the place.
For ‘n Zwanni at Inge.
They had at least five children, where we only had two.
They didn’t always know exactly who they were.

We didn’t play with their children because they couldn’t afford toys like us.
No expensive Timpo, Airfix and Star Wars figures and matchbox cars.
Unless they steal it from us.
They were strong.

I guess, later, nothing came of them.
We already had problems in the corner of Germany, which East German deindustrialisation was able to experience twenty-five years earlier.
None of them made it to high school.
Behind their backs was always mocked, those from the track triangle, which are stupid, use nothing and make the legs wide for everyone.

We were primates !
They always find one whose misery they can tear their mouths apart in order to forget their own.
Today, fortunately, there are underclass TV for the proles and quassel platforms on the Internet for chatterers with a level.
At that time, this was done while hanging the laundry in the yard.
A technical advance !
The advertising industry is pleased.
And a few others too.
Greater broad impact on the employment therapy of the superfluous.

‘White Trash’ is something that the left in particular has despised since Marx, because he is so unruly deaf to their beguiling calls for renunciation of the great cause of humanity under the leadership of the selfless intellectual elite.
They despised it from Marx to Lenin to Luxembourg as a rag and sub-proletariat, a work-shy sledge, petty criminals and whores.
After all, the high-nose pack has latinized the ‘under’.
So much science had to be in socialism.
Precariat call it the official social science professionally worried today.
Which very nicely illustrates the difference between the underclass in the USA and here.
In the USA it is simply ‘white waste’, here a social-educational category by means of which academic degrees are accumulated.
That’s actually history.
The joke is that today we are dealing with more academically and economically rewarding research subjects.
Feminism and migration.

Surprisingly, the same problems with imported ‘Colored Trash’ are not its moral guilt, as in the case of the ‘White Trash’, but the damage caused and repaired by the importing country through incorrect storage, improper use and Transport damage.
So you didn’t let fall fruit turn on, but you’re going to have it done it yourself.
And therefore must now also pay it and swallow the toad.
This is the case if you want a fresh, cheap and varied offer.
Take a look at the ‘White Trash’ in Duisburg-Marxloh from the countries of South-Eastern Europe.
And talk to the Turks living there about what they think of it.
How residential areas are falling into a ghetto: Scrap real estate in Duisburg – SPIEGEL ONLINE – Video
A Turk in Duisburg who wants to build a small castle to have his peace in front of the Romanian and Bulgarian human waste !
How horny is that?
It is insanely funny to know the common history of the three peoples.
I can say human waste, right?
‘White Trash’ means just that.
Only the Gauland is not allowed to do such a thing, then it is inhumane.
Where are the Social Justice Warriors of Goodspeak when the US equivalent of the Nazi language is used on Quora?
The reduction of people to material to be disposed of by terms is the epitome of Nazi language or ?
Yes, I remember my Adorno and the jargon of actuality.
You too?
It’s been a long time, if you even know what I’m talking about.
And the worst thing is, I can do it right and left.
Even the good Adorno famously mistrusted the students, who began to resemble him too much to those he always wrote about.

It is nice to see that the extreme left intellectual petty bourgeoisie of the past, that is marx, Lenin, Luxembourg up to Joschka Fischer with the global left-liberal bourgeoisie today, is moving down to Joschka Fischer and all the others who earn from the system, over the Centuries are so united in their contempt.

In the US, ‘White Trash’ is the just revenge of a depraved underclass in the depravity of the other strata.

Among them, other phenomena are subsumed for left-wing and left-liberal propaganda purposes.

And if you want to read about ‘White Trash’ something from a source that is guaranteed not to be right-wing demagoguery suspicious and left-liberal feminist-free, then just take it
Nancy Isenberg – White Trash: The 400-Year Untold History of Class in America’
You must, of course, be able to speak the English language.
But that is probably not a problem on a cosmopolitan platform like Quora.
You are not a tumber Trottel from Dresden or Duisburg Gleisdreieck,
gelle ?

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