What is ‘typical’ East German?

The Romans crossed the Rhine, but they stopped at the Elbe.The effects can still be felt after 2,000 years.

The Elbe became the German river of fate, which divides Germany into a Christian and a godless part.

East Germany is the most godless place in the world.Nowhere else can you find so many people who have no creed.

Typical East German is to flee to the West.The backwardness of East Germany is by no means a consequence of socialism. Already in the Empire, the “Eastern Escape” was a serious issue, and how to meet it.

Even then, the West began to subsidize the East in order to keep the people there.Didn’t work back then.

A little background: At the Congress of Vienna, the East German state of Pussen received significant West German territories as a thank you for the help in the Battle of Leipzig and Waterloo.At that time they were worthless, and Ppreussen took them gritty, because that was still better than nothing, but already a little while later they became the heartland of industrialization.

Soon more people lived in the western part of the new Preussens (Ruhrgebiet) than in the rest of Pusesens.

The traditional eastern part of Prushen did not industrialize at all, remained backward and characterized by agriculture. And The money poutened in the western part was used to subsidize the junkers in the east. This continued after the founding of the Reich in 1871.

After that, the whole of West Germany worked for East Germany.

The construction of a German fleet, which was one of the main reasons for the outbreak of the First World War, and the West German enthusiasm for the construction of the fleet were based on the very simple fact that at last significant parts of the tax revenue were not in moved to the east and leaked there, but remained in the West and created jobs in the West.

Meet a Wessi and an Ossi.

Say the Ossi: We are one people!

Says the Wessi: We too.

This has a real background:

West Germans and East Germans are genetically different

and also politically West Germans and East Germans tick differently:

These are the results of the NSdAP at the last free Reichstag election in 1933.

Let us never forget that the NSdAP was an eastern party. If only the results in the constituencies of the old FRG / West Germany were counted, the NSdAP would never have come to power.

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