What is true patience?

She was only 16 years old when she was showered with acid that ruined her face and life…

A beautiful cheerful girl named Rani was confronted with an acid attack after she rejected a marriage proposal on April 18, 2009.

She burned nearly 80 percent of her face and lost most of her eyesight, with less than 20 percent of her left eye only after a major operation.

Rani (Pramodini Roul).

Since then, she had only suffered in her life …

She lay devastated on the hospital bed and struggled for her existence for nearly five years until she met the love of her life Saroj Kumar Sahoo in 2014.

He is a medical representative and worked with several NGOs who sent him to meet them.

But like two soulmates, they couldn’t separate afterwards.

Saroj and Rani.

Nevertheless, it was not the end of suffering.

Both now struggled with social barriers. Their love was not digested by the layers of the jammed mentality of our society.

But nothing can do anything against true love, they say.And they’re so right.

After nearly four years of fighting, they were finally able to convince their people to accept them as they are.On Valentine’s Day this year, 2018, they embarked on a beautiful ceremony.

Your engagement.

So what better way to explain the question “What is true patience?” than this example?

Patience was their only advantage in overcoming the worst phases of life.

P.S.- The perpetrator was arrested in November 2017.

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I am very moved by this answer and find the story of Saroj and Rani very inspiring, so I wanted to share it with you.



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