What is today’s youth like?

Here is my view of things.(in Heidelberg Perspective at 16 years+ Fliterbubble)

We are doing well, very well.We have absolutely no existential worries, we can afford to go out for 5 euros during the lunch break as a student.

Here, of course, what is bought varies greatly, there are young people who like to eat only gummy bears or chips for lunch, others take this very seriously with the diet, and buy a salad packed in plastic (preferably from Rewe).Others eat doners daily or go to an American fast-food restaurant with the characteristic “M”.

In general, we are very different, there are young people who don’t own a smartphone, but others compensate for it.In general, the smartphone has become very important to us (Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube and unfortunately also Snapchat) have become essential to belong to it (which is very important for some). We organize ourselves into the group, the Internet is very helpful here, people with similar interests find here more easily together than in reality.


Here, too, the spirits are splitting, there are young people who care about the latest Yeezys (even if that was 2017), some don’t care that these shoes can cost 300Euros, even “Lewis” T-shirts can be seen like sand by the sea.On the other hand, there are also candidates who don’t care how they run around.

We swim in money, even if drugs are expensive, we still have a lot left at the end of the month.The financial situation of most is even so good that everything expensive is taken over by the parents ( a new iphone, the driver’s license…)

School doesn’t care about the vast majority of shit, at least that was my observation in grades 5-10, you laugh about 5 happy about 4 in math.The Internet eliminates homework, Quora helps immensely with class work, and in general one thinks that self-thinking is overvalued. Memorizing is frowned upon, which is what it is-all online.

We can laugh at the fact that we are stupid.

We are always happy, but sometimes not, then you just scribble yourself, or drink a little more than one does good, but hey YOLO

Some of us are depressed, they can’t handle it, everyone around them is “happy” only they are not, the Internet contributes a fair share here.On the Internet, you can show yourself to your friends how you want to be viewed. There are platforms that are designed to build masks.

Many of us are doing very well, but we are not really happy.Just because you own a lot, or because you don’t lack anything, you don’t have everything.


Answer by Dirk Patze to What is the most overrated thing in life?

I don’t think any generation is as disillusioned as we are, who has access to pornography from the age of 10 who has misconceptions!Even false notions of beauty weigh heavily on us without us noticing.

The number of boys who regularly go to the gym is rising sharply, from a conscience of old…

Of course, “pumping” is not the only sporting activity with which we “torture” many of us have hobbies that we actively practice (at least as long as our parents “force us to do”).

Others, on the other hand, don’t care what they look like as long as they are nabled!

Bullying is also a very big issue, to down size others (weaker ones) is great, even blasphemy is fun!( Also our swear word use is “interesting”)


The jokes of today’s youth.A really nice development.

Lg Samuel

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