What is the worst thing you have ever seen a colleague do?

When my startup was sold to a telecom company, a lot of people were pushed.There was also someone within whose task it was to measure data traffic from clients ‘ servers.

We are talking about the time around the year 2000, in which we as ISP had fast connections but you still had to dial in at home with a modem (and in exceptional cases you had cable Internet).

You get data traffic when data is sent to or from a server or website.With the services we provided you got a certain amount of data traffic. Above that you had to pay.

The measurement itself was automated but this person had to administratively process those measurement results.

That brought him into a special position.

After complaints from a foreign interest organization of film producers that on one of the IP addresses with us illegal films were in download, there was a better look at the data traffic and to the network + servers.

There appeared to be a difference of 70% between the total of all data traffic and what came into the glass fibres.

70% of the data traffic was ‘ unknown ‘ to a provider where at that time 12% of all Dutch websites turned.

It turned out that the person in question himself had a server tied to the network that was running a tier-1 illegal movie server on which illegal films were placed directly from the US.Also, a hefty pornography site turned on the same server.

His server spent alone (!) 70% of all data traffic from the largest web hosting provider in the Netherlands.

He was then given the choice: to resign immediately without accepting severance or to pay the data traffic of his server 脿 HFL 300,000,-(it was still in the Golden Age).

He chose eggs, not the money.

A helpless elderly man hitting and squeezing his mouth close.

It was during a night shift.I was head responsible. This meant that I had to go along all the department to check if everything was in order. I had a central beep where all the reports of everything rooms could see it.

I got the alarm inside of a gentleman.Because I was busy with my control round and his room was around the corner, I walked straight to the room. Normally I would call the colleague first and ask if she got the alarm inside too.

When I arrived I saw it happen.She slammed and pushed him on his bed. The man wanted to scream but she did her hand on his mouth and held it firmly.

It was like a nightmare.In the beginning I could not move from the scares. After some seconds I said, hey! What do you do!. She scared and covered the gentleman quickly and said I had to change him, he is Gaga and always screams.

I said but I saw what you did.But she looked at me and said I haven’t done anything. He is aggressive and you have to take care of him under compulsion. I said one more time, I zagers you did and am going to discuss this tomorrow with the supervisor.

To my surprise, several complaints about the colleague were already known to the supervisor but they could not dismiss her because of the shortage of staff.Especially because it only runs night shifts. The supervisor also said, the gentleman is Gaga and can be aggressive.

I didn’t know what to do with it.I know 100% what I have seen that night.

Long ago: Then you made overhead sheets on the copier.You printed it and then made a copy on the sheet. Printing did not work properly-that “stuck” and the letters fell off.

A colleague accidentally made a plastic sheet in the copier that was intended to use a booklet for binding in front.

The whole device stuck from the inside to each other.Then she tried to cut the wires with scissors IN THE DEVICE While the plug was still in zat芒 鈧?娄…

One of my workers has ever been the owner of the business, which has made a lot of mislept with an important client.Nota bene eclipses money from the greenhouse as a branch leader.

27 million euros in goods not paid and with it 1500 man come on the street.

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